Sunday, February 12, 2012

Worst day ever. Seriously.

Today was seriously awful. It was so wonderful to socialize with my Hornet basketball Mommas and cheer on our boys, but some bizarre and sad events happened along the way. First off, before heading to the gym to cheer on our boys, I had to organize my stuff for our upcoming week. In my rush, I was barefoot and slammed into the frame of the door and David's bed. I am not sure what Is broken, but it is swollen and blue tonight and hurts. I am going to get an x ray tomorrow, but today I just iced it and hobbled. I can barely walk.

Then our Hornets made it to the championship game in our age division. Sadly we lost In a heartbreaker at the buzzer to a team we beat yesterday. It was a competitive game, but games like that are character builders. Kyle was so upset after the game, and he also had to say goodbye to me and David because we were heading up the road to cville. He was crying over the game and the separation. I love that my boy has a competitive spirit, but it is a heartbreaker to lose.

Then after the trophy presentation, I loved on my boy and said that hard goodbye. I left the gym crying because leaving is always so hard, and one of the parents from the opposing team made the comment loud enough for me to hear that I was a crazy person to cry over a basketball game.

Oh I so wanted to hobble over to that lady and let loose. Lord knows I was entitled to clue her in as to why I was truly crying and it had everything to do with upcoming chemo treatments and saying goodbye to my big boys and nothing about losing to their team. I am still very mad thinking of it, but this is one of those times I am choosing to let God be the judge. Sadly that lady made a hard situation even harder by choosing to judge me.

Then I remember all the times that I have chosen to be righteous and judge others. Maybe that lady that I got frustrated about driving so slow last week was someone like me tonight who was bawling too hard to drive the speed limit. God used that lady tonight to show me first hand how it felt to be judged so that I may twice next time before judging others.

Then on my way to UVA tonight Dave wanted pizza. I pulled into Little Caesars to get him a pizza. As I was getting in the car, may door apparently touched the door beside me. I did not know it because I was getting David all set up with a pizza picnic in the car. She tapped on my window and started calling me a witch that starts with a "b" over and over. The day caught up with me and instead of mouthing her back I just started bawling on her. I explained my side and she continued to scream obscenities at me. I finally just apologized and drove off. It rattled me so bad on top of the comment at the gym, leaving my family again, and my throbbing foot, that I continued to cry even harder.

Then I had a geat chat on the phone with a friend and Hornet basketball momma, about our faith and how hard times are used to strengthen our walk. She had also given me a new praise CD that i got to enjoy on our ride down when I could talk Dave into turning down his iPad!

A long, hard day has ended well. Me, my mom and Dave are snuggled into Camp Pendleton tonight. I pray we get good news tomorrow and this chemo is a go. Good night from Camp Pendleton!


  1. God bless you Laura! I don't know how you got through that one AND the next one. Can I add a little humorous thought? Well, I will. Thiniking of Fried Green Tomatoes and Kathy Bates slamming into the car of those two stupid girls, over and over again. I am envisioning you opening and closing your door multiple times to make it worth the lady's while.....God bless you all, you are my heroes !!!

  2. All I can say is you are one amazing Momma and you continue to be my HERO. Prayers to all.