Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dance Marathon

As I am blogging from the hotel here in Lynchburg, here is my view of my cuties!  We are having such a great weekend so far.  These three cuties are enjoying their complimentary corn dogs (?) and ice cream here at the Hampton Inn.
 This morning we left southwest Virginia early to head to Central Virginia.  We dropped Kyle, Hope, and Mike off in Lynchburg for Kyle's A/BB championship swim meet.  This is a meet that you must have qualifying times to attend, and Kyle is getting to swim four events this weekend.  He did very well and had personal bests in both of his events today.  He swims two more tomorrow! Considering the fact that the had TWELVE teeth pulled yesterday, we are super proud of him!

David and I traveled onto Charlottesville today for a fun outing-the dance marathon!!  All of his doctors were there as well as lots of the clinic staff and fun people.  They had inflatables, a mechanical bull, food, great music, and games.  It was so much fun and even though it wore David out, he had such fun.  Above check out David and Ms. Meghan cutting a rug on the dance floor!  We just love her:)
 Here is David posing with two UVA football players!  Look how tiny David looks next to these guys.  They were so nice to David and they did not even get mad when he told them "Go Hokies!"

 Here is Dr. Druzgall and her sweet baby boy.  She is one of the four doctors that oversees David's care.  The doctors thought David looked a little pale and what amazed me is that they remembered that his hemoglobin was 8.0 on Thursday and that he may need blood this week.  How can they possible remember my son's hemoglobin on a weekend?  They are such a great bunch of folks. 
 Mommy and David falling down in the moon bounce!  I tried so hard to not stress about the germ factor and just breathe and have fun.
 David and Miss Virginia! 
 Meghan and David jumping in the moon bounce.  It was really fun to be there today.  One of the moms spoke today.  Her teenage son was treated by UVA years ago with leukemia and today he was cancer-free at the marathon.  It gave me such encouragement that there will be life after cancer and treatment.  Right now we both have tunnel vision getting through each weekly treatment and we have not allowed outselves to think much beyond the next set of labs, chemo, and clinic visits.  This weekend has given me hope that life will not always revolve around chemo:)

Kyle has swam really well today considering....
 the fact that these little treasure boxes contain 12 of his baby teeth that were pulled yesterday.  He needed to have these teeth pulled to prepare for partial braces.  His adult teeth were trying to come in before his baby teeth were out.  I am so impressed that he had oral surgery yesterday and swam great today!
Hope and David were very excited to be Kyle's nurses yesterday when Mike brought him home from his procedure.  They laid next to him for hours while he slept-it was so precious.

We are excited for another day tomorrow of enjoying being together and cheering on Kyle in the pool.  This little getaway is just what the doctor ordered for us all.  We are so thankful that David felt well enough to go dance and that it worked out that we were already nearby for Kyle's swimming.

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  1. So thankful David got to go dance! Glad you all had much needed fun.Those are so priceless pics. Love them cuddled up as happy little kids and brave I must say. Wow, you are truly a great momma. God BLESS you all and we are still praying for David. My son prays for him too!