Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow Day!!

We feel so blessed to be living in this winter wonderland today.  The kids are off from school and we are just home enjoying being at home with nowhere to be.  The snow is already starting to melt, so the roads were not too dangerous for Mike to take Oma back to the airport today.  The kids have thoroughly enjoyed her visit and we are appreciative of all the meals and help that she has provided. 
This might be one of my favorite new pictures of the three!  I love the background behind them:)  David lasted about 15 minutes before we got tired:)
As always, Kyle was my huge helper outside.  The snow was a little deep for cute girl, so she insisted that he hold her hand to help her from "slicking" which I guess means falling in the snow to her? We love her made up words!
I love this cute little face and thanks to Sydney Carter she was styling in her matching snow bibs, coats, and gloves.  Cute!! 
I love these angels!  It felt so normal to be dressing everyone up to head out. David was sooooo excited to get out!  He has not been outside since he came home from the hospital so it was fun to get out.  He had fun but the snow made him so tired. 
Look Mom!!  Snow!!

Our beautiful winter wonderland.  This is a view from our back deck looking out over the golf course.  This is my favorite type of snow because it is beautiful but the sun is already out and the roads are clear.  :)
Sweet best friends.  Hope lasted longer than Dave, but she got nosy and wanted to go check on him inside:)
My brave Kyle loves the snow!  He is a little wild...

but he also loves a good wipeout!!! :) This day is just a blessing.  I am so happy to be home and I am beyond thankful that so far David is feeling great.  His appetite is still good and last night Mike and I rocked the G shot.  It is a big production, but about 30 minutes before I gave it to him, I put some numbing creme on it right after he went to sleep.  I then allowed him a chance to get into a deep sleep and I gave it to him slowly and he NEVER WOKE UP!  I cannot tell you how happy we were. I had prayed so hard about these shots, and once again God is there.  Have a great Monday!

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  1. Such awesome pics Laura!!! I am so glad you had this day with all 3 children and you didn't have to be anywhere but outside in the snow! They look like they are having so much fun. I hope you continue to have a Blessed Monday :)