Friday, February 3, 2012

Clinic Pictures

Happy Friday!!! Last night I was too tired to download pictures from our clinic yesterday. It was a successful clinic day and I always praise God when we do not need our overnight bags that we faithfully pack each time!

For some reason my pictures downloaded all jumbled up today, but that is okay:) Here is David with his Marion Primary teacher, Ms. Hubble who graciously offered to be his homebound teacher!! We are so blessed and David was eager to work with her until he got too tired.

There are some amazing people in clinic. Here is David with Ms. Meghan who is the teacher that is the liasion between school at UVA and at home. She is awesome and she and David have a special little bond.

Clinic does not have school classrooms, but there is a volunteer that does activities with the children and while David got an IV, Hope got to go make a penguin to go along with a story:) UVA is simply amazing! In the picture below, David, GG, and Hope are playing with magic noodles that the art therapist brought them. She stops by each time and offers activities for patients and siblings while treatments are administered.

Here is David with the art therapist. Music therapy is his all-time favorite, but he does enjoy the art as well.

AFter his port got changed, he was allowed to go with Ms. Meghan to the treasure box to pick out a new toy. Each time he visits and his port gets accessed or changed he gets to visit the treasure box full of NEW toys. We will need to build onto our house soon to keep all these new toys! :) It really is a sweet reward to look forward to after the port access.

A final picture of their magic noddle masterpieces! Those are such fun:)

Yesterday was a relatively easy visit. We are two weeks away from another scan. The oncolgoist did clarify that new nodules could reappear during treatment but we will pray hard that the lesions are still gone and no new ones have surfaced. David's weight is still being checked closely and she is really considering a feeding tube if his weight plummets again. He did eat great yesterday and we are thankful that he got this week off to catch up on sleep and calories to allow his body to get stronger for the next battle on February 9th. Kit Kats and oatmeal are his current favorite foods:)

Thank you dear friends for the texts and calls yesterday. We are so blessed to have so many friends and prayer warriors along this crazy ride with us. We feel so loved by our friends:)

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  1. Does he like milkshakes? My son would not eat and I would fix milkshakes using pedi-sure, whole milk, chocolate syrup, and chocolate ice cream. He loved the idea of drinking a shake, and was receiving the nutrients.