Friday, February 10, 2012

Oma's Visit

Mike's Mom has been visiting since Tuesday. She lives in Texas and flew into Tri Cities. She has not booked her return trip yet and that will be based on David's hospital stay. We are scheduled to return Sunday night to check in at clinic Monday morning. We will try again to see if his levels are high enough for chemo. I am so thankful that we got this reprieve to beef him up literally and it allows me a chance to cheer on my boy in our tournament and help out. I am also thrilled at the idea of spending some time with our Hornet basketball family.
Oma and Hope reading princess stories.

Oma brought Hope this pink cowgirl hat with a tiara on it and look who is wearing it! He is truly "sexy and he knows it" in this hat!

Oma is a great cook. She made some meatballs tonight that were awesome! Here she is cooking brownies with the kiddos. David loves a good brownie these days!!

The best part of baking brownies is licking the spoon! I opted for the calories of the batter over the worry of eating the batter. He has been eating so much this week!

Look at that sweet brownie face! Bring on the scales Monday because this boy is obsessed with brownies and Oma keeps making the Ghiradelli double chocolate ones! Yummo!

Oh this picture makes me want to cry happy tears. I am conviced that Kyle and Hope were made specifically to be David's siblings. Here is sweet Hope Madeline tenderly wiping the chocolate from David's face.

My parents neighbors, the Dishons dropped this HUGE bag full of pop tabs off at my parent's house this week. Can you believe all these pop tabs? Kyle's eyes lit up when he saw these. We cannot wait until he can deliver these in person. We hear that lots of the schools and businesses are collecting these. The Ronald McDonald house thanks you so much!!

I am praying hard about this idea of local Moms teaming up to bless children in our area. I have heard from several of you that are interested in being a "Mom on a mission" During this upcoming stay I plan to work on a preliminary email to get the ball rolling.

We feel so blessed to be apart of this community and have been blown away by the generosity and love we have received. It is our desire to give back to this wonderful place. After reading the book Crazy Love I have also been inspired to get the ball rolling on a mission project here locally that literally takes the scripture reference of "love that neighbor as thyself" and putting into action using some of the best resources in this area that I know-Moms! More details coming.....:)

Good night from home. We are excited to host this tournament tomorrow and support kids doing something they love-playing hoops! Good night!

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