Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fun Distraction

We were so sad when David was sent home from UVA thursday, but it has been such a fun weekend. We have helped host a basketball tournament here which has mean a lot of hours and work on Mike's part. It has gone well and we are heading back for more games this afternoon.

These two have enjoyed snuggle time, playtime with Oma, and more play time with Ashley and Matt! It has been super cold here this weekend, so it was so great that Hope could stay warm at home.

We love our basketball family. Everyone has pitched in to make this a smooth tournament. I have personally enjoyed it so much catching up with my Mom friends:) Being in the hospital three hours away is a little lonely for this social Momma. :) Mike has worked so hard getting to the gym before the sun has come up and staying until late in the evening.

We have done well and we are heading back for the championship bracket today. We love the kids on the team and we love the families involved.

This boy loves basketball. He loves his team and his loves the game. I think I can hear balls bouncing in my sleep:)

Kyle has a lot of heart. He gives it his all and takes it hard when they lose. This tournament has been a welcome distraction for me. I love cheering on my boys and all my "team boys" playing their hearts out. I have even had some fun "helping" some referees keep up with who is fouling my boy! Mike only told me to hush a few times yesterday! HA! I am a super competitive Momma that gets a little Momma bear over my boy.

We are off for another full day. Sadly my next blog post will come from Camp Pendleton tonight as we head down the road later today! In the meantime... GO HORNETS!

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