Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Corn dogs and spaghetti

Our Rock Star has had another great day!! He has chowed down on some spaghetti and a big fat corn dog!! He did not like corn dogs too much before chemo, so we are thrilled to find another high fat food he will eat. He has gone to school today, played with Haley, and had lots of fun doctor and nurse visitors who came by just to visit. This place is so awesome.

The good news is that we get to come home Saturday. During evening rounds, the oncologist said that the team feels that the one time shot is too harsh for his fragile system, so the bad news is that we will need to to the daily G shots instead of the one time deal. The team is afraid that if the one time shot is too much for him, then it will delay further treatments as we may have towait longer for his counts to bounce back. Of course we are disappointed, but God will give us the strength to do these. We will also have to visit our local doctor twice weekly for blood sticks to check counts.

It appears for now his current port is providing some reliable labs so we are so thankful. Messing with his port is dramatic for us all, so we are thankful. His phosphorous is coming in high, which is not too worrisome, unless it continues to come in high and stay high.

We keep accusing the doctors of forgetting to give him chemo, because except for some back pain and fatigue he is doing great. He has never chowed on corn dogs while in treatment, so this is new for us! He has really had a great day. Ashley surprised us and came to visit for a little while today. David invited her here yesterday via FaceTime, so today she showed up! We all had fun giggling and catching up.

Good night from 7 central

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