Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Happenings

I am so glad to be home today catching up after a busy weekend on the road.  Our Monday morning was not easy; however, because I had to take David into our local doctor's office for a "quick and easy" finger prick to check his levels.  Clearly I was delirious because despite four awesome nurses and other wonderful people it was quite traumatic for us all to get that little blood.  Dr. Clampitt's office faxed in the results to the oncology team at UVA and we are waiting to hear from them.  We were thrilled to hear that his hemoglobin was up to 9.3!  Thanks Family Physicians for being so sweet to us this morning:)

After the trauma of that visit we came home and all three of us cuddled in the bed.  I know this sounds weird, but after a rough procedure where I have to hold David down, I get tired and weak.  I know it is just from the adrenaline that helps me hold him down, but it is the weirdest thing.  We are all good now:)
Mrs. Davis' keyboarding class at MSHS made David these precious greeting cards!  They were learning how to make cards and thought of David. David and Hope laid them all out on our bed and looked at every single one of them.  You can tell that the students know David well because the cards had Beauty and the Beast or Hokies on them!  They loved it and we saw some familiar names in that class!  Thanks guys for the love!  They came at a perfect time!
We read every one of them and they both had to comment on them!  I need to take her class and learn how to make such cute things! :)

I also got an opportunity to take some pictures at the swim meet this weekend.  Kyle did awesome this weekend and got personal bests in EVERY event he swam!  Considering the fact that he had had oral surgery on Friday we were super impressed.  It was a fun weekend being together as a family and with the Prestons!
Backstroke Kyle!
Hope and Madi playing in the gym.  We set up camp in the gym and then we would go into the pool area when Kyle or Bre was swimming.  The kids had fun running around and playing.  It felt so good to do normal family stuff and David did well!
Kyle talking to Ms. Meg after his 50 free.  We love her and Bob so much.  They have built this program to be what it is and as sad as we are that they are retiring we wish them well! They have made a tremendous impact in our Kyle's life and have taught him that nothing replaces dedication and hard work. 
On the block ready to swim the 50 free!  This is his favorite event!
Thank goodness for Ipads and other electronic devices! 
Ronnie, David, and Austin!
Mike writing Kyle's events and heats on his arms to help him keep it all straight. 
All the kids minus Hope!  David was so excited to see the Prestons and to have fun!!  We are just catching up this Monday from all the weekend laundry.  I am obsessed with keeping my laundry up in case we are called to head to UVA today. We are already planning to go there Wednesday evening for his big day  Thursday, but the doctors felt he may need to come sooner for blood or platelets depending on his blood work from today.  We are so thankful to have such a great local doctors office that helped us out today!  It was high drama getting that little bit of blood, but those ladies and Dr. Clampitt were awesome:)  Happy Monday!

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