Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feel the Love

Rock star has had a great day. Despite the chemo, he has so far not experienced any nausea or vomiting and has eaten super well. He ate a ton of spaghetti and meatballs for lunch and we have had lots of sweets today. Thank you for your prayers.

I will add that this chemo regimen of etopicide and cyclophosphomide is a double whammy and is meant to wipe out his white blood cells so he is considered neutrapenic now. That means that as those white blood cells and ANC levels drop he can catch anything. That is how he got so sick this last round. The doctors are saying no children visitors this stay. Thankfully David is not on room restriction and he can see Haley, but no outside visitors during the winter.

There is great news though!!!! We thought that when we discharge we will need to do daily G shots to help increase his white blood cells quicker so he can make counts for his next round to stay on protocol. His body will replace white blood cells that the chemo has wiped out, but the G shots speed up that process so he can stay on this intense regimen. Today, we found out that our insurance will cover a one time outpatient shot that will replace the daily G shots!!!!! That was better than six dozen roses for this momma for Valentines day. We have done it, but those daily shots for two week are brutal on all of us.

So this means that when we discharge on Saturday, we will stay here in cville, until Monday morning. We will visit clinic and get that one time shot and then be on our way home!!!!!

Today we have certainly felt the love here. I wish we were home instead of here, but we feel the love here tonight. We feel it from you, our friends here in 7 central, and of course from ourJesus. David and I have had fun singing praises songs to our ultimate Valentine-Jesus!! I do have some prayer requests that I would like to share tonight.

David-please pray this dose reduced chemo is effective and that he does not get a serious infection this go around.

Haley-sweet girl is still waiting on a heart. She looked gorgeous in her red sparkly Valentine dress today. Also her parents have to go home tomorrow for an insurance meeting over their home where it burned down. They are leaving tonight when Haley goes to sleep and they will get their business done and come back tomorrow evening. That will be 12 hours of driving for them tomorrow.

Bob Atwell-he is from Rural Retreat and was diagnosed with cancer around the same time David was. He is in the hospital tonight fighting a port infection which is what David has alreDy had. These infections can be serious and Mr. At well could use some prayers for healing from this infection.

Anna-she is our new friend on seven central. She is almost 2 and is fighting leukemia. She and her parents are such sweet people and they brought us some Valentine cake tonight. She still has two years of treatment ahead of her, but she is such a cute fighter.

Sorry this is so long. I am so thankful for all the love in our life tonight. We are not where we want to be this heart day,but we continue to sing praises to Jesus who is our ultimate Valentine.

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