Thursday, February 9, 2012

You Deliver Me

So today was not quite the day we had anticipated. I thought this afternoon I would be blogging from 7 central but instead I am resting comfortably on our bed at home. Mike and his Mom took David to Charlottesville last night for the 9 a.m. clinic visit today. I took Kyle to school and then was heading down the interstate to meet them.

Mike called me around Roanoke and told me to turn around. David's neutraphils were too low for chemo. They needed to be 750 and they were only in the 500's. To me that means that the last five day reigmen was too much for him since it has taken so long for his counts to return to normal. Poor buddy. So we are all home and now that means that I can help in the basketball tournament. Kyle was so excited that I picked him up from school and that I get to watch him play this weekend.

This is one of those times that you just say "okay this is part of the plan" and do not stress or question. The great Physician is in charge and we are so thankful. We are to return Monday morning to try again.

So I am thrilled to get to be with our basketball family this weekend and cheer on our boys:) Our team is hosting a big tournament with another girls team to raise money for our teams. Kyle is thrilled at the idea of spending a whole weekend in the gym playing hoops and watching other teams play.

I heard this song today from an old CD that I had made last year. I have loved this song always, but it has such meaning to me now. I am so thankful that our God can deliver us. I also love that line in the song about the line between who I am and who I want to be. God has used this nightmare to show me that I have been guilty of putting "things" and "stuff" between us.

Lately I have struggled with insomnia. It has been the strangest thing, but I have used that time to read and pray. One night up late God put an exciting vision in my mind that I have been pondering. I am so excited about the idea of teaming up with some great Mom friends to love our neighbors and serve our God right here in our town. Exciting stuff that I am praying about how God wants this to be done. I have some amazing friends who have lots of gifts and talents that we could pool for the benefit of God's glory here in town. I have chill bumps thinking of it!!! More details coming soon and if you are a local friend be ready to be a "Mom on a Mission"

So enjoy this Selah video:) I love their music so much and this is one of my favorite songs! Enjoy!

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  1. Dear Precious Family-THANK YOU for sharing this. I Love it!! You never cease to amaze me with your open honesty & faith. I love the new picture of your precious children. Please know that we steadily send you love & Prayers. Wayne & Liz Moreland