Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Glimpses of His Glory

Today has been fantastic. Truly fantastic. Yes, David still is battling cancer, but today I have personally witnessed some amazing moments.

It all started yesterday. If you have been around me any this week you would know from all the tears and snot that have been flying this week that it has been a rough couple of days on this Momma. I bawled in Walmart, I cried at Little League sign-ups, and I cried so hard cuddling David the other night that tears were rolling down his bald head. The normalcy of our sweet David returning has been awesome, but so sad because we know this upturn is only temporary. Tomorrow morning his port will be re-accessed and he will be bombarded with etopicide and cyclophosphomide. (Medical folks please do not judge me based on my spelling)! :)

Then, yesterday when I was at a pretty stressed out moment and full of self-pity I received a facebook message from an old college sorority sister and roommate. She lost her mother during our senior year of college and she shared with me that I helped her through that rough time. She in turn just helped rally sorority sisters on our behalf. God knew I was struggling and prompted her sincere and sweet message that made me smile. Encouragement when I needed it most is a true glimpse of His glory.

Today in a spontaneous manner I got to have lunch with two sweet friends who have been a rock for me. We talked about David's cancer some, but we caught up on life. One of the hardest parts of fighting this Goliath has been being separated from friends. A care free catch-up with some friends is a true glimpse of His glory.

This evening I had a date with my ten year old and little girl. We met some friends out for pizza and then came home and snuggled in my bed and watched Courageous the movie. (IT IS A MUST SEE). When it was over we talked about being a Godly man and the moment overwhelmed me. I love that my kyle is open to talking about Jesus in his life. Hope fell asleep during the movie, so it gave me and Kyle time to talk about being a courageous man of God. Spending time talking about Jesus and His love is a true glimpse of His glory.

Then a dear friend stopped over for a few minutes to chat. Because of some life circumstances in her life she is spending more time with God and making her relationship with him a top priority. We had a wonderful and sincere heart to heart. She is someone that I value and treasure in my life and I am so glad that God prompted her to come see me. It was the sweetest hug I have received in a while. Courage and honesty between good friends is a true glimpse of His glory.

Today I have thought about all the changes in our family since the nightmare began. I hate cancer and I hate this nightmare, but God has used this awful journey to tender our hearts, open up dialogue for his Glory and to see that our life is so much bigger than what is in front of us. I also think it is God-planned that I read the book Crazy Love and saw Courageous in the same week. I am so thankful that our God is big enough to use the nightmare so we as mere mortals can see his amazing glory.

I have been so emotional this week not necessarily over sadness about cancer, but tears of gratitude for my Savior. His glory and handiwork are so evident during times when we are so scared and lost. When we are in the darkest valleys of our life is when His glory is most brillant. I have goosebumps thinking about this. I am so thankful that my life is being changed for the better.

I have prayed so hard lately that I will be the friend, wife, mother, blogger, teacher, and christian that God wants me to be. I pray that despite my sin and flaws that Jesus knows that I am appreciative of the beautiful glimpses of Glory during this scary nightmare.

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  1. I saw that movie. It is really great. You are so strong and have been through this nightmare. I understand it is a toatl nightmare for all that endure cancer. I TOO hate the word. But its God's plan for some reason. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL THESE 5 DAYS AND GIVE YOU PEACE AND REST.