Wednesday, February 15, 2012

See You by Josh Wilson

But on the darkest days I won't let go
It will still be well within my soul
Even when the answers don't come easily
Because you said you would never leave

So I know you are standing here
You have been Crying these same tears
Yeah you have been here all along
So give me strength to just hold on

This morning the song See You is in my head. I love it and the words above speak to me today. These months have certainly been some of our darker times, but we keep clinging to the promises from God's word where He has promised never to leave us. Despite the nightmare, it is still well within our souls because of Jesus.

God is so present here on 7 central. All the joy and laughter that was present yesterday for heart day could only have come from the Lord. There are some amazing people here fighting somehuge Goliaths like we are but we all keep fighting and clinging to Jesus. I hate that we have to be here, but I feel so blessed because of our new friendships with some amazing people here. The professionals here are so kind and loving to us. I did just find out some inside scoop here yesterday that made me smile. Two of our favorite people here are newly and secretly dating and that makes me happy.

Kyle and hope seem to be doing great. We hope they can come up in a few days. Hope has been on the Valentine party circuit and today she is going to playgroup. We are so blessed to have some amazing friends that have taken her out for some playtime. Oma and mike are holding the fort down at home. Kyle has a big basketball tournament this weekend which he is excited about. That boy loves his hoops!

Dave is tolerating the chemo well so far. The dose reduction seems to be easier on his fragile system. Down Syndrome makes his system more fragile and often children with DS have to have chemo protocols dosed reduced. I just pray the decreased dose is still effective. Please pray for his port. The last three labs that were pulled off of it were not valid which means that we may need to deacess and start over.sigh.

Have a great day and never forget that God walks with us every step of the way whether we a in a storm or enjoying the sunshine! Good day from 7 central!

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