Saturday, April 14, 2012


My heart is so full from this weekend that I can barely type through the happy tears.   This weekend was opening day for Marion Little League.  David was asked to throw out the first pitch to start the season.  Needless to say I was wiping tears away as our Rock Star took the field in his uniform to throw out the pitch. My dear friend Tonya read a sweet introduction about David which added to the tears.  I am tearing up now thinking about what a special moment it was.  Lots of our friends that did not have a game were there to cheer him on and it was truly a wonderful moment for him and our family. 
Smyth County you have been so encouraging and supporting to our family this past year and we are so appreciative of the love.  Mike and I did not grow up here, but you could care less that we have lived here less than a decade.  You have loved on us like we have been here for generations.  We are so appreciative. 

To help us celebrate the big weekend, Pops, the birthday boy, came down for a sleepover to see both boys' games.  We had time to have a little cake and ice cream for his big day:)
Happy Birthday to Pops! 
Steven Dimit took this awesome picture of David throwing out the first pitch.  David had his paparazzi there and lots of cameras were flashing and lots of tears were wiped away. 
David, we are so proud of you! You played hard in your game and we had such fun cheering you on!  We love you Rock Star!
Here is another picture of the pitch.  Big brother Kyle got to catch the ball for him:)  What a special moment that we will always treasure.   Thank you Marion Little League for such a wonderful treat for our Rock Star. 
Not only did he throw out the first pitch, but he played a game afterwards.  He made it home twice...
and of course had to....

SLIDE into home plate!!!!! I love it!
This picture melts my heart of all three of my boys in their uniforms!  (Mike is wearing a long sleeve shirt to hide his poison ivy on his arms)
Love this picture of my boys being silly!!!!
David played last night, and Kyle's team played today.  He got to pitch and despite how nervous he was, he did well!  I get so nervous when he pitches.
He takes it all so seriously!

David got to throw out the first pitch again this morning and here are my boys on the field:)

We are so appreciative of all the love for our Rock Star.  It is going to be so hard to head back to UVA this Wednesday for treatment.  He will be admitted Wednesday and we will stay through Monday.  He will miss several Tball games and I will miss many of Kyle's while we are gone.   This never gets easier to go to the hospital, but each treatment puts us closer to the finish line. 

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