Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Update

Today has been restful for Rock star. Sadly he has developed two mouth sores from the chemo and we are praying that this is not a sign of infection coming, but he is still drinking and eating Popsicles, so we are happy. He had a very special visit from Jeff earlier who was here for a conference. David was thrilled of course to see him.

Today I have really struggled with fear. I freaked out when I heard about the mouth sores because last time he had a sore he also had that scary infection. The doctor reassured me that not all mouth sores means infection and obviously they are not too painful because he is still willing to sip juice. It is so easy to go into panic mode here. Today I felt myself getting sad so I turned on YouTube and enjoyed some awesome praise music. Today I really enjoyed Sidewalk Prophets-their music is awesome!

We are looking forward to Mike, Hope, and David coming up tomorrow. Hope was here in preschool today and went home with Pops. She loves being here :) We are keeping the faith here and praying that these mouth sores heal and that they do not multiply or cause further infection. Infection is the word that freaks us out and makes us very nervous.


  1. Keep the faith Laura....remember a small amount goes a long way! Love you guys and praying this weekend is a good one. Enjoy your sweet family! You are getting so close! Stay strong!


  2. There are still so many people praying for your family. I, too, have shared your blog with people in WV. You have a huge prayer circle around you. Thank you again for allowing us to pray to our loving God with you. Your testimony is upl;ifting to all who read it. We are standing and believing with your for the hand of God to touch little Mr. RockStar!