Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home Away From Home

We are all settled in here in 7 West.  He has received one of his two chemo drugs.  He had a weird coughing fit during his first chemo, so it had to be stopped to make sure he was not having an allergic reaction to it.  He also had to have an EKG to make sure his heart was not being affected by the chemo.  We are all here together and life is good.  Hope has decided to stay through Friday so she can go to preschool with Haley:)
During the first chemo, Kyle and David watched a movie in clinic while we waited for our room to be ready. 
During clinic Hope got to make this pretty flower with one of the volunteers:) She loves doing crafty stuff and she is really excited to go to preschool.  It is so wonderful that they allow healthy siblings to attend school here. 
This is nurse Kelly, one of our many favorites.  We were excited that she checked us in and then David put on a concert for her!!!  I know we keep saying this, but we are so blessed to be here with these amazing professionals.  We hate coming here, but reuniting with our new UVA friends makes it much easier.  Below David is smiling at me in his new Live Strong shirt his Daddy bought him.

I love this picture of my two youngest snuggling during chemo.  I love that Kyle and Hope do not shy away from the hard parts of this but they are here with us cheering David on.  I had stepped out during the EKG and Kyle jumped in to hold down David's legs and encourage him through that procedure.  I could bawl thinking about it. Hope and Kyle can talk this talk here like a seasoned resident.  We have already visited with cute Haley and Hope is excited to go to school with her.  Haley is doing well, but unfortunately still here.

I do not want to sound like a whiner, but this morning I was just down and out.  It is hard work to pack to come here, and I was loading up all this stuff in the rain. I had a bunch of errands to run that I did not want to fool with and I just felt grouchy.  Then my sweet toddler starting singing "Oh Happy Day" in the backseat and I started to smile.  Then I got a very encouraging email from a sweet friend that encouraged me so much.  Then I had a lovely conversation with Lisa Musser on my drive here and it is always so awesome to talk with her.  I am so thankful for such amazing people in my life that encourage me when I need it.  This walk is not easy, but then I think about how much love and support we have here and I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving.  How can we be sad when we have our Jesus and you, our prayer warriors and friends?

 Speaking of the Musser family, they  had a caring bridge website while their sweet Thomas fought a brave battle against Leukemia.  His Daddy, Ed, has started a blog entitled  You will be so encouraged by his words as he launches this new blog.  They have been such a source of encouragement for us.  Mike has been to Ed's men's bible study group and Lisa has listened to me on the phone "vent" and talk this foreign language called cancer.  They are a wonderful, christian family and we are so thankful for their encouragement from their blog and their friendship as we walk this path that they know so well.   We will update more tomorrow, but good evening from 7 West!

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