Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wednesday Update

Today has been a great day here. David has felt great and has eaten beautifully!!! We are in awe of the fact that he has energy after five heavy chemo doses. He is such a rock star. We have a clinic visit Thursday morning and if he is doing well, then we will head HOME!!!!

Today to get out without exposing him to a lot of germs, we took a ride to visit our old house in Orange. Then we drove around and hit Yoders country store for some goodies. Whoever owns our old farmhouse has done a beautiful job within. It looks beautiful and well-loved. My mom wanted to knock on the door but I was too shy.

Tonight it just so happened to work out that Radford University baseball team was playing UVA here in Hooville. My cousin, Abram is a pitcher for RU and we went to cheer him on. Sadly they lost by one run and we left before he pitched, but it was a wonderful night. Abram and one of his teammates visited with David before the game and gave him a ball and a new hat! He wore it proudly during the game. After sitting in a hospital for six days, it felt wonderful to sit outside and watch our boy have a ball.

The lord has also put some amazing strangers in our path that have encouraged us. Tonight we sat near some UVA ball player parents, and one sweet lady went and bought David a new shirt. He put it on immediately and waved his rally towel. We were so touched that she did that for our Rock star. She also invited us to wait after the game and meet some players, but it got chilly and the game went into extra innings and we had to put Hope and David to bed. What a sweet lady.

Thank you for all the texts and messages encouraging us through this step of our treatment. We feel the love and please join us in praying that these nightly shots bring his white blood cell counts back up to avoid infection. Infection is a real threat when his counts are wiped out like this last treatment was designed to do.

We are ready to get home! We miss Mike and Kyle and it hurts my heart that I have missed two of his games while we have been gone. The great news is that thy have won them both and that they are still undefeated!!! It kills me to be gone from home, nut we are so thankful that we have the use of this condo to be near the hospital if David gets sick. Good night from Hooville!

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