Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Monday News

I am flying solo here in Charlottesville today. MiKe is home working and heading to bible study tonight. The kids and I have had some fun in between our nursing duties. We play a while and then rest for Dave. I can tell that his counts are dropping because his energy level has really decreased today. We went to watch the movie the Lorax today and I had to carry him out of the theatre. This morning we hit Penn park to play, and it smacked me in the face how "sick" Dave looks next to his peers. Cancer is so sneaky that it smacks you in the face when you least expect it. We really did enjoy the movie The Lorax. It has such a great message about the environment. I am also enjoying my online sermons on the life of Joseph. He was somewhere he did not want to be when his brothers sold him into slavery, and that is a story that gives me such hope and encouragement through this nightmare. As a family we are learning to praise God despite our situation. Kyle is keeping in touch with his friends via FaceTime at home, and he seems to be enjoying our time here at camp Pendleton. He has enjoyed the driving range at Penn Park and we are all anxious for Mike to join us here. Hope and David are enjoying the playground, but just walking from the car to the playground wipes him out. It is heartbreaking to watch him sit down and say "tired." David has a clinic visit Thursday, so we will see how his counts are and if it is safe to return home. His first g shot went beautifully last night and I successfully gave it to him while he slept. That is truly a miracle!

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