Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tough Day

Motherhood is a wonderful thing.  Today it has certainly had it challenges with a spunky little girl that insists on having her way.  I have been humbled by a toddler today for sure:) It also seems that the closer we get to the end of David's treatment (last treatment will be July 11th) the more frightened I get about the dreaded word "relapse." 

Not only is being a mommy hard, but being a woman is sometimes very difficult.  We question our weights, our mothering decisions, our homes, to see if we measure up to society.  We are so hard on ourselves and often let our low self esteems get in the way of life.  There is a local event coming up ladies called Right To The Heart of Women Conference May 18-20th at the Holiday Inn in Bristol.  The theme of this event is called Falling in Love With Me.

I have been asked to teach a break-out session on Saturday from 12:30-1:20 entitled Break Through. My session will focus on finding victory through God's word when life throw you a curveball and that God's ways are always victorious.  I am nervous to say the least, but I am excited to spend an weekend worshipping with lots of other women from all walks of life.

The event starts Friday at 7, Saturday from 8:30-6:30, and then Sunday starting at noon.  There are some wonderful speakers lined up as well as some great breakout sessions for ladies from ages 5 and up.  The little girls will learn that they are princesses of the most wonderful King with some great "girly" activities.  Preteens and teen girls will have some break out sessions specifically for them.  I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend! 

To say that I am nervous is an understatement, but I am praying that God will use the nightmare to encourage others.  I have learned so much about our faithful and merciful God these last few months that I must share this hope with others.  Please join me for this wonderful weekend in May.  Local folks you can contact Roslyn Graham for more information:)

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