Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Packing Up (again)

Tomorrow we are all heading down the road to UVA for treatment 19.  This will be a big one with a six day inpatient hospital stay with full strength chemotherapy.  We are a little nervous because this is the same dosage that gave him the serious infection back in January.  We know our God will meet us there and that each treatment gets us closer to the beautiful remission word!!

As we handle this treatment, please pray:

That sweet Rock Star will handle this chemo well and that he will not suffer from mouth sores or extreme nausea.

That he will not contract a serious infection with this dose. 

For the caregivers that we will be dealing with and the oncology staff. 

For Haley's family as they are STILL there on 7 central waiting on a heart.  We are excited to catch up with them.  Despite our surroundings, we always enjoy our time fellowshipping with them. 

For traveling mercies for all of us.  I will stay there with David and Mike and the other kids will be up and down the road a lot.  We are thankful that because of the condo we are all able to be together there.  Mike will be returning for the weekend with Kyle and Hope so that Kyle can compete in the county-wide 4H competition and for his baseball game. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we get ready for another battle against Goliath.  Mike and I are both enjoying Max Lucado's sermon podcasts titled You'll Get Through This.  Mike has listened to seven of the sermons during his travels in the past week and I am a little behind him. They are based on the life of Joseph and they have truly given us such encouragement. 

Life was never promised to be easy or painless here on Earth, but our heavenly Father guaranteed through his word that His grace is indeed sufficient.  As we approach this next treatment we are leaning on God's promises to be with us always and that His grace is truly sufficient no matter where we are headed.

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  1. My heart goes out to you and precious David. I tear up when I think of cancer and how horrible it makes a body feel. Praying for David and you all! Oh, How He Loves Us!