Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick update

Hope and I are down for the night at Camp Pendleton. Hope had a bad dream at 4:30 this morning and I could not get her back to sleep because she was sooooo excited to go to the "big hospital" and go to preschool with Haley. She was in preschool from 9-12 and the again from 2-3:30. Most of you know how shy Hope is, but here at the hospital she ins so comfortable and friendly. She waves at all the little babies and the teachers say that she is talkative and outgoing at school. We are so thankful for preschool here. She will return home tomorrow with Pops who is here helping us toight.

David has had a great day. He has been a little sleepy but that is okay considering howmuch chemo and Zofran he has had. He has been sassy and cute all day. We have had awesome nurses today and that makes a good day great. He went to school for about an hour but got tired.

We are doing well and we are so appreciative of your love and support.

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