Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Indeed

Today has been a wonderful and perfect Good Friday. It has been full of sunshine, friends, love, and fun.  Did you notice the new blog pictures and layout? I am just now getting around to adding all the new pictures that Kay Clawson took of our family before we left for the hospital gala two weeks ago.  She took new pictures of the kids individually as well as family pictures and girls/boy pictures:)  Local friends, if you need pictures taken of your family, contact her.  She is so patient and great with kids and families.  She got a ton of pictures in twenty minutes in our yard:)

Today we did a kid swap with the Grubb family.  Kyle went to their house to play with Tanner while Kelsey came here to play with Hope and David.  I could do a whole post on the wonderful blessing of a neighborhood full of kids!  They are such a blessing to us:)
David requested pizza for lunch, so we had a pizza picnic outside!  The weather has been so beautiful. 
Ashley got here and it was time to decorate easter eggs!  Sadly, Tanner and Kyle were too old and cool to dye eggs:) Toni and I lamented how fast our boys are growing up, because they were too busy playing two square and baseball to decorate eggs.  Sigh.
Ashley and David!!! 

Sweet Kelsey and David.  Not only are they neighborhood BFF's but classmates at school as well.  Kelsey is such a kind and sweet friend to David. 
David and Hope working very hard on their eggs.  It took Hope a minute or two to warm up, then she loved it and had such fun!! These pictures make me realize that David's last chemo round wiped out the rest of his hair:) 
The finished product!  (Notice the pink egg in the front that Ashely did!) 
These pictures were from the gala:)  The Robinson girls....and then the Robinson boys below!
A little brotherly love that Kay captured spontaneously! 

To end our awesome Good Friday, our friend Kelly Marchant delivered this adorable bunny bread to us!  It is too cute to eat, but we will enjoy it:) Kelly not only has a huge heart, but she is an amazing cook/baker:)  Thank you Kelly! 

This Good Friday has been such a blessing to us.  We have enjoyed being at home and the kids have had a blast playing outside.  We are so beyond thankful for "do nothing days" where we an catch up around the house and enjoy not only our kids, but the kids in the neighborhood.  On this Good Friday, life is indeed good.

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