Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Week in Pictures

We are HOME!!!  It is so wonderful to have everyone back together under one roof.  David had a wonderful clinic visit today!!  His counts look great, his weight remained steady this hospitalization, and he is sassy and spunky as ever:)  We are so unbelievably relieved and thankful that this treatment is over.  We are on the homstretch of our treatment, but the last leg of the treatments is brutal and is meant to wipe out his counts, which can open him up for an infection.

Here is our week in pictures from Hooville!
Here is David with Nurse Kelly.  She is one of our favorites because of her sweet spirit.  She appreciates David's spunk and sass and she even agreed to stand on the bed for apicture with him!  The care that we have received at UVA is simply amazing. 
This past Tuesday night we went to the UVA/RU baseball game.  My pictures would not load earlier in the week, but today I got them!  Here is David with my cousin, Abram.  He is a Senior for RU and is a great pitcher who often is called in late in the game to close it out.  We had to leave before he pitched during the 11th inning of the game because it got cool, but it was a treat to see him on the field with his team. 
One of Abram's teammates, Matt Mack came with Abram to give David the ball and the new hat. 
Here they are giving him the ball:)
David posing with Abram's Dad, Abie, and grandfather,  George who made the trip from Radford for the ball game.  They are serious fans and attend most of his games home and away.  This is how David sat for most of the game:)
Here is David with his new shirt and rally towel from our new friend that we met that night. Since I last blogged, she and I have emailed back and forth!  (Thanks and welcome to the blog Wanda!) Her son plays for UVA-how sweet is that?!  Speaking of sweet, I came home to this amazing and heartfelt letter from a blog reader in Kansas (I feel like breaking into the song, It's a Small World) who sent an encouraging letter and some local tickets for us to use as a family:) Thanks Karen in Kansas!
Of course I feel like every blog post I need to shout out a huge thanks to the Pendleton's for once again letting us take over their condo and call it home.  We have made such special memories in that sweet place.  We cannot even begin to imagine how much harder this would have been if we would have had to stay in the RMH (which is always full) or a hotel.  This week we did not eat out but once because we had the use of the kitchen in the condo. After eating hospital cafeteria food for six days, we had fun home cooking some food:) We could make David all the oatmeal his heart desired in the condo:) Literally down the street from the condo is this wonderful park and the kids LOVE LOVE LOVE going!  It is a good place to let David work on his stamina and get some sunshine!
He and Hope love the playground and would play a while, and then rest a while:)  It is hard work going through such brutal chemo.

While at the condo we would rest some, but we tried to get out each day for an outing.  This time we went and saw the movie, Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts.  It was really good but the kids got soooo excited about the previews for Madagascar 3 that comes out this summer.  David insisted to get his picture made in front of the display:) 

We are all under the same roof tonight and we are so thrilled.  Mike has the boys out for a boys night out at a local band concert and then they are stopping by a draft get together for boys at Macado's.  We are still on edge about possible infections for Rock Star, but he seems to feel great.  We covet your prayers that his counts return to normal ASAP so his risk of infection is not so great. 

Thank you for your love and support for our family over the last week.  For this Momma, it was a long and hard week.  David handled it like the true Rock Star that he is.  He is excited to play in his Tball game this weekend (weather permitting).  Never did I dream that he would have the energy to get on the field during these treatments.  Thank you for continuing to cover us in prayer.  We know that our Heavenly Father is listening and continues to journey through this nightmare with us. 


  1. I pray for David everytime he enters my mind & for you as a family.Because I am a mom of 2. Also had cancer take over my loved one and entered our life for 2 yrs. It wasn't my child.But a nighmare is a easy word.Many sleepless nights, pain in the gut,heartbroke,but God had a plan.Just know I will follow your blog until David is healed. I pray for strength and comfort and angels all around DAVID. Lc

  2. God had really taken care of this sweet angel David all this week. SO Happy he is doing so great. GET WELL ROCK STAR....YOU ROCKIN THE CHEMO........My heart hurts but God give me smiles when I read your blog. Emotions come and go. Somedays you will want to SCREAM at everyone that Looks at you MOMMA....Its understandable! LOVE & PRAYERS FOR DAVID....

  3. You don't know me but I am the mom of Matt Mack, the Radford University 1st baseman who gave David his batting gloves that he used when he hit his two homeruns. Matt sent me a text message that night how touched he was by your son and how giving those batting gloves to David made David's day. Matt said that David had no idea how it really made Matt's day to make David so happy. Mr. Williams sent us the pictures of Abe and Matt with your son and gave me the URL for your blog. I will not be a regular follower and I will give the information to Matt as well. We pray that David continues his fight and beats this monster and is able to lead wonderfully blessed life. You and your family will be in our thoughts always...

    Kathy Mack

    1. I meant to say I will now be a regular follower. Sorry...

  4. Hi Kathy! I knew what you meant:) Thank you so much for your sweet message and for keeping up with David through the blog. Your son, Matt made his day with those batting gloves:) He says he is going to wear them to his next Tball game! Ha! You have a wonderful son and we so enjoyed meeting him at the ballfield!