Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend In Pictures

Today we are enjoying some fun and fellowship here on 7 West.  Yesterday was a long day for this Momma.  Some days pass here quickly and effortlessly and some days last forever.  Saturday was one of those because I was waiting for Mike and the kids to get here and I was feeling grumpy and easily frustrated by everything. 

I could never explain how awesome our care is here, but hopefully this picture will help me remember how awesome these nurses are.  Four of the nurses here shaved their heads for St. Baldericks to raise money for childhood cancer.  Here is Tina who once had really long hair but she shaved it to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer. 
Hope feeding her favorite David a cheeseburger:)
Dave with one of his oncologists, Dr. B. David insists to check him out when he comes through during rounds.  He is one of the four oncologists that we see.  We really like and respect them all.

Friday Dr. Jeff came by for a visit!!!  David was thrilled and he even let him put some medicine on his mouth sores:)

David has been interested in working on school work.  He is willing to work a while and then play a while. 

We have played lots of games of Yahtzee!!!!
Haley and Hope are so cute together!  We have had a wonderful morning in the playroom with Haley and her family as well as some new friends. 

My sweet three looking out of the window of the playroom. 

My three and Haley looking out of the window.  We really enjoy spending time with them here.
Nurse Hope was so sweet with Haley and wants to help her with her line.  David is hooked up to an IV pole, but Haley is hooked up to that small box that Hope is carrying around.  Hope loves to either push David's pole or she likes to carry Haley's box.

We have finally realized that there is a Wii on the floor here and we now know where the magic key is!!  We have had such fun with some old and new friends playing today.  With all the construction going on, there is not a bona fide playroom right now but thankfully we did enjoy some Wii time!

We are still ancitipating discharge tomorrow, but we will probably stay through the end of the week here because he will have a clinic visit later this week and all this chemo has wiped out his counts, so he will be considered neutrapenic later this week and that is when his risk of infection is so great.  Hope and GG are coming down Monday to hang out with us at Camp Pendleton.  We are so blessed with amazing caregivers here that feel more friends.  Thank you for praying us through this round of chemo.  His fifth and finaly dose will come in about an hour and then we will be done for this round!!  Small victories:)

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  1. Love the pictures, they are so cute. God Bless each of you as you go thru this week. Praying all goes well and the infection stays away from David. They are true blessings. Cancer is a ugly word and we don't like it. God Bless those doctors and nurses that all work at UVA or any hospital.