Sunday, April 29, 2012

A lil' Baseball

The bad news about this weekend is that Rock Star feels punky.  The good news is that because of Ashley I have been able to make it to two of Kyle's games to cheer him on!! 
Friday night I was sitting at one of Kyle's games when my phone rang. Ashley was calling to tell me that David's fever was rising.  First off, let me just say that Ashley is totally amazing and we are beyond blessed to have her. When she has my kids, I am at total peace. They love her and she is so mature and smart that I never worry.  Fever is the one thing that makes us all jump because that is the first indication that David could be contracting an infection of some type. 

I jumped in the car and headed home and thankfully his fever never rose so high that we had to take him to the hospital.  We have been instructed that when his fever gets around 101 we are to be seen in our local ER to start a broad-spectrum antitbiotic until we can get to UVA.  This weekend he has had a low grade fever but thankfully it has not gotten too high.  He vascilates between being tired and punky and short burst of energy.  His counts should be at the bottom now from all that chemo so hopefully between the daily shots we are giving him to boost his white blood cell count and his body naturally fighting, then he will be feeling better soon.
Thanks to Ashley I was able to catch Kyle pitching yesterday.  He pitched 76 pitches with a total of 12 strikeouts!!  I was so proud of him!!  He keeps his cool better than his Momma does:)

This boy is super competitive.  His team lost a heartbreaker 2-1.  As his coaches and Daddy shared with him and the team there are lessons learned in games like this.
He has recently had some batting lessons and they have helped his confidence so much!
I love to cheer on my kiddos playing their hearts out:)
Here is his team before the game.  Kyle is the one in the red helmet standing right in front of Mike.  I believe the boy has had another growth spurt.  His baseball pants are almost to small and we are not even halfway through the season. 
Some more pitching action shots.  It is hard to get good pitching pictures, but I found a whole in the fence that I could stick my zoom lens into!  HA! 
David did feel well enough to play outside for a little bit and of course he wanted to pitch just like big brother:)
Great pitch David!!

Despite how punky he feels he still keeps smiling:)  David you make us so proud!!!! 

Today I just should not have gone to church.  It is hard on a Momma's heart to see her boy have no energy and feel terrible.  The amazing FUMC praise band rocked David's favorite song today, "How he Loves Us" by David Crowder Band.   I got so choked up that I was worried that I was distracting people around me.  Fighting cancer is not for sissies and today David is showing more muscle for the fight than this Momma.  I am ready for this to be over and to see my healthy, energetic boy again. 

Then when I feel sorry for myself for just a second,  I am humbled at my son's example.  David has endured so much yet he keeps singing praises to our King and keeps smiling.  David is way braver than I can ever be and I am so thankful that not only does my son keep inspiring me, but our Jesus keeps walking with us with the promise that He will never leave us in the nightmare alone. 

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