Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday update

Rock Star just completed four out of his five treatments! He has felt well today considering how little sleep we got last night. This place is full and we had an unhappy baby next to us that cried all night. The good news is that Mike and the kids should be here soon and I hear that Kyle did well in his baseball game today and he advanced to area for his 4h project!!

The good news is that David is fealing well and seems to be tolerating the chemo well. His mouth sores are still there, but no more have popped up. He has eaten a few Popsicles today and sipped some juice. He must be nauseous because he does not want food near him. 

Today has just been a long day here. A baby passed away from pneumonia two days ago which is so sad and tragic. When you hear of things like that it is like a sucker punch in the gut. Love on your babies and never stop enjoying their presence in your life. Never take a second for granted that God blessed us with the title of parent. I have loved on David all day and he keeps telling me to "move" because I am driving him crazy! Ha!

We are excited for family time and definitely excited for discharge Monday!!!!

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