Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 was great!  David felt awesome the whole weekend and not only enjoyed church and all the Easter festivities, but he played in a Tball scrimmage on Saturday.  He is definitely worn out today, and we are heading to get labs done this afternoon at the doctor's office. :(
Not only did we make empty tomb cookies, but after church at 10 a.m. we came home and made resurrection rolls.  Look how cute they turned out!  They definitely look more like empty tombs than our cookies did:)  I am not the greatest baker.  The resurrection rolls were an awesome snack until my extended family could come down for lunch.  We were so impressed that we made it to the 9 a.m. service!!  While I showered Mike got the kids ready!  I was so impressed:) 
Here is my grandmother, GG, and the kids. 
Here is Pops,  Pop's Momma (Memaw) and the boys.  We were excited that she felt well enough to join us for the day. 
GG made most of the lunch and brought it with her. 
The kids were playing in the yard and I snapped a few pictures of them after church.  Hope's hair bow had fallen out, David's shirt was untucked, but that is okay!
My sweet three!
My strong-willed but sweet girl.  She loves wearing a good twirly dress these days and I had to pry it off of her at bedtime!
David felt so good:)

Yesterday in church we sang "Oh Happy Day" and I just could not help but grin and sing loud!  I love that song and it was just so awesome to worship with David by our side.  We know the next 6-8 weeks are going to be rough with intense, full chemo doses, but yesterday it just made us so happy to sing "Oh Happy Day" because our Risen Savior is alive and walks with us each and everyday! 

Oh Happy Day
Happy Day
You Washed my Sin Away
Oh Happy Day
Happy day
I'll Never Be The Same
Forever I am Changed

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