Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He Indeed Loves Us

Today the Rock Star has plummeted. It is to be expected after the intense chemo that he received last week. The clinic called to check on him and his Thursday visit is being moved up to tomorrow so we can see the oncologist that we primarily see. I will not be surprised if he will need a transfusion tomorrow his energy is so low. We have watched lots of movies today. We did eat at Cicis pizza for lunch.

This afternoon we also got to visit the local playground because David begged, but walking from the car to the playground was too much for him. While Kyle entertained hope on the playground I sat with David on my lap under the shade tree. He was playing with my phone and he is so good at navigating it, he turned on David Crowder's How He Loves Us. I got so emotional sitting there with sweet Dave listening to that beautiful song. It reminded this scared and weary Momma that our Jesus does indeed loves us. He knows my heart is broken over the fact that my boy cannot run and play like other kids, he knows that i am weary from my nursing duties, and that sometimes I just want to have a pity party. Today God used my sweet boy and an iPhone to remind me that He loves me and that He is with us every moment.

He loved me and you enough to die on that cross so many years ago and this year Easter is so much more intimate to me. I can hardly think about what he endured on that cross and I get goose bumps thinking that that tomb could not contain my Jesus. He indeed loves us all so much.

I will update tomorrow after his clinic visit! We hope to head home soon, but we are enjoying our time at Camp Pendleton.

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