Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear David

Hey David.  It was great to see you this weekend and talk with you on the phone today.  You have been so positive even though you had to go through so much this week with the increased dosage of chemo.  Now that Kyle and I are home, we miss you, Mom, and Hopee so much but we are glad you are staying near the doctors for a couple of extra days. 

Please keep your great attitude.  You are teaching this old dog some new tricks.  I always try and remember how you are handling all the difficult stuff you are going through when I have a tough situation that I am facing.  It really helps me keep life in perspective when I remind myself how you handle things and that God is working in our lives.  You do not even know it but you are making me a better person.  I keep reminding myself to be positive and stay focused on what is important.

It was evident this weekend that you are well loved in Charlottesville.  Some things that I observed over the last week -- nurses who were not assigned to you stopped in, friends from Marion, Orange and Charlottesville all dropped by to check on you; and seeing you with your new friends that you have made while in the hospital.  Your mom and I are honored to be the parents of such a Rockstar.

We cannot wait until you get home this week.  Do all the things the doctors and mommy have you do to make sure you keep from getting sick.  Kyle says hello and that he misses you. 

Keep up the good fight and know that we all love you very much.

Call me.

Your buddies,

Kyle and Daddy

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