Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Day

Today has certainly been a happy day!  The last two days David has attended school almost all day and done well.  We are so thankful that he is feeling good and that he is able to go to school.  I could do a whole blog post on how wonderful that school has been to him.  I know when he is there he is in wonderful hands and that he is getting spoiled rotten:)

Because David has felt well and been in school the last two days, Hope and I have enjoyed some girl time.  We have been doing preschool at home and today we had a big outing to the library for storytime and lunch with friends. 

She loves storytime so much and she insisted to wear her sparkly shoes and tutu to the library.   We are so thankful for friends that we get to enjoy during the day for playgoup and other fun. 
After lunch with some friends, we went by our friends, The Blevins, house to see their new chicks that just hatched last night!  They have 20 brand new chicks and we got to see them!
They were so sweet and fluffy to hold!
Hope really loved them but wanted me to hold them near her!  My children are not huge animal lovers, but she was fascinated with these new chicks. 

We have had such a wonderful week around here that we just keep singing "Oh Happy Day" from church Sunday.  Hope can belt it out!! It is such a great "feel good" song to remind us that Jesus' resurrection is the best news we can ever hear.  I love this song so much.

When you are going through chemo or something else life altering, you appreciate days that are spent doing something besides sitting in the hospital.  Today holding those sweet new chicks with my baby girl, I just could not help but smile.

David has felt so great this week that we are so thankful.  His next few treatments are going to be rough, but we are on the homestretch.  He has been invited to throw out the first pitch of our local Liittle League season this Friday night and Saturday morning.  I could bawl to think that he will be doing that in HIS uniform because he too will be able to play in his Tball game that same night.  Never did I dream he would have the stamina to play during chemo, but Rock Star never ceases to amaze us and this Momma will have two Little League athletes this weekend:)  Oh Happy Day!

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