Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

This Palm Sunday is about making lemonade out of lemons.  No, we did not get to attend church today, no we did not get to attend the Down Syndrome Easter egg hunt that we stuffed the eggs for, and yes we missed out on some wonderful fellowship at the easter egg hunt, but we were together as a family.  

 But that is okay because one of the many life lessons that cancer has taught us is to enjoy every minute.  So, we are blooming where we are planted for this season in our life.  Blessedly we have this awesome condo which is allowing us to be together. 
 The boys hit the driving range and practiced their golf swings at nearby Penn Park while the girls hit the playground.  We love getting out to enjoy the sunshine!
 Kyle is getting pretty good at his golf swing
 and blessedly they had a chair for David to sit in and cheer them on.  He has felt great today and eaten well so we are so thankful.  Tonight we start the dreaded G shots, so please pray for us!!!
So today we are blooming where we are planted and enjoying our spring break at Camp Pendleton.  Mike is going to be on the road a lot this week traveling between here and home.  Despite the fact that the schools are on spring break does not mean that he is off.  He has several important meetings to attend as well as check on the construction progress of our new school.  He has a lot on his plate and I admire him so much for juggling it all well. 

My dear friend, Sarah, told me about an online sermon series from Max Lucado that I have enjoyed so much on the life of Joseph.  It is called "You'll get Through This" and they are wonderful!  I have listened/watched 2 of the 12.  Go to and click on media.  All the twelve sermons will be there even with an intro for the series.  They have encouraged me so much and I highly recommend them if you are going through something difficult or just want to study more about the life of Joseph. 

We have some germ-free fun planned for this week.  David has a clinic appointment Thursday so we will see how that goes before we decide when we will return home to southwest Virginia.  We miss our friends, but we are trying to be vigilant about David's health:)  Happy Palm Sunday!


  1. So glad you had a good day and David is feeling better! We missed you so much! Angie told everyone we needed to say a special prayer for David! There will be lots of egg hunts and parties! You just take care of youselves and enjoy being together!

  2. Enjoy every minute you can with your family is the most important.