Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Update

We are all at Camp Pendleton.  David was discharged around 1:00 today.  He is doing well and eating/drinking some tonight after basically not eating for the last 3 days.  The doctor and us are most concerned about his fluid intake.  His counts are dropping as expected and we start GCSF shots on Sunday.

We will be here for the majority of the week.  David has to go to clinic on Thursday for bloodwork which is the day the doctor predicts his counts will bottom out.  Please continue to pray that his counts rebound quickly and he can fight off germs that might make him sick.  His hemoglobin has also dropped pretty quickly so he may also need a blood transfusion.  If he rebounds quickly, we can continue on the regimem of treatment that will bring us back to UVA for a 6 day hospital stay beginning April 18.  We will most likely stay in the area after the April 18 hospital stay since the last time he went back in the hospital for an additional week a day after returning home. 

Kyle, Hope, and I visited the Yorktown Battlefield today. Kyle has wanted to do this for awhile since he is learning about it in his Virginia Studies class.  Even though we are here for a reason we do not like, we are going to try to have some family fun and make memories while we are here.

We are so appreciative of your prayers for David and our family.  A special thanks tonight to the Pendletons for allowing us to use their condo again.  It has been a true blessing to be able to stay in Charlottesville when we are worried about David.  Three hours is a long way when you have a sick child.  The kids seem very excited to spend the majority of the week here for spring break.  We are looking forward to some golf tomorrow and maybe a UVA baseball game later in the week.

We wish each of you a blessed Palm Sunday and all of the blessings that this Easter holds.  This time next week we will be celebrating that our Lord has risen from the grave to give each of us the opportunity to share in his kingdom.  Bless each of you and enjoy every precious moment with your loved ones.

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