Thursday, December 22, 2011

Appointment Update

Our Rock Star is truly having a great week. We keep holding our breaths that the sickness from the double dose of chemo will not kick in at some point this week. He has eaten well, drank well, and has had great energy. We are so proud of our Rock Star:)

Yesterday we received a call from the chemo clinic scheduling David's next chemo for December 27th. We were thrilled that we get an extra day to rest up from the Christmas festivities before making that trip. They also scheduled that important CT scan for January 6th. That day we will have the scan in the morning and then a dose of chemo that afternoon.

We know that God is the Great Physician and if it is His will then the lung lesions will be gone. We trust in his plan for our David and we know that He is using the amazing physicians at UVA to treat David. We covet your prayers for this scan. If the lesions are all gone then David will remain on the same chemo regimene for the next 32 treatments.

If the lesions are still there then he will switch to a tougher, more aggressive chemo regimene for the next 32 weeks. That regimene may also include some lung radiaiton down the road. Radiation on the lungs is tricky because the lungs are so close to the heart. Again, we will cross that bridge if we get to it. The doctors kindly keep reminding us that the lesions on Rock Star's sweet lungs are pretty large and not to be surprised if we have to switch to the tougher chemo.

Today as as a family have "big" plans. Back in the hospital when the nurse practicioner first brought up the topic of Make-a-Wish I freaked. I have always thought that Make-a-Wish was for children who did not have a good prognosis. They assured me that certain diagnosis get to make-a-wish and not it is not based on prognosis at all.

We asked David what he wanted his wish to be and he said to go to the Marion/Chilhowie basketball game. (For those not local, those are two high school teams here in our county that play each other). Momma was thinking Disney, a cruise, meeting Jason Aldean, but our sweet David mentioned a local high school basketball game that we would have gone to anyway:)

At some point down the road we will really get to Make-a-Wish for real, but tonight our Rock Star is ready to go watch some great high school athletes play ball here in our town:) He is feeling great this week so we are looking forward to a fun night seeing some friends and cheering on two of our local high schools.

We do covet your prayers for that scan on January 6th. Amazingly we are at peace with it. Our Lord has been so faithful that He will meet us in the CT scan that day. I love hearing the word "Emmanuel" this time of year because that word means "God with us" and this Christmas that is what we are celebrating. God came to us in that manager so many years ago and he still remains faithfully with us today. After enduring the nightmare of the last two months we are have seen firsthand that our Lord is truly Emmanuel.

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