Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guest Column

I have big shoes to fill this evening. As most of you are aware Laura is the writer of our family blog [I am the editor and moderator on occasion :-)] I want to start my guest post by thanking Laura for taking the time to keep our family and friends posted during this difficult time and also for doing this when life was a little more normal. Prior to the last three weeks the blog was a great way to keep our family and friends who live away from here informed about the kids doings as they grow up.

Update on David -- He successfuly completed his 5th of 7 radiation treatments. He has treatments on Thursday and Friday morning this week and I pray that we are done with them after that. We have established Monday as the day to travel to Charlottesville each week for his chemo. He has a little more energy today than he had Monday or Tuesday. Seems that as the week goes along after chemo he gets stronger and eats more. One of our great challenges right now is trying to find ways to "slip" Dave his medication. If you have any tricks or things that have worked for you please let us know.

Today he has a special visitor in that his Pops is visiting him while I am back in Marion for a couple of days. Thanks Pops for helping.

Kyle and Hope -- Both are doing great. I am at home with them this evening and enjoying spending some time with them. We really appreciate GG and Mimi for staying with them while Laura and I are in Charlottesville tending to our Rockstars needs. Kyle is getting ready for a swim meet this weekend and Hope is learning to shoot a nerf gun. I have a feeling she will be ready to ambush the boys soon.

I want to take a minute during my guest blog to thank so many folks who are keeping David and our family in your prayers. Laura and I are convinced that he is doing so well because of the love and prayers that are being bestowed on him and our family. The power of prayer is amazing. We also would like to thank everyone for the many offers of support. We are so proud to call so many people friends and we thank god everyday for each of you. If we have not said thank you to you personally please know we are appreciative of everything from prayers, to favors that have been asked, to your general support of our family.

Laura is an awesome mom and has been a wonderful caretaker for David. Laura -- Thank you for keeping this blog so that everyone can stay informed and allowing me the honor of being a guest blogger for you today.


  1. Great job, Dr. Mike! I am impressed! Let us know if we can do anything! Prayers for you always! Kilby!

  2. I am so proud of you Michael for actually writing the blog today. I know how opposed you were in the beginning to writing blogs. It has been a blessing for this grandma and for many others to be able to keep up with Davids progress on a regular basis. Thank you Laura and thank you Michael. keep up the good work.

  3. I have always said that Laura certainly has a way with words as I have read her blog during the last few weeks. It has been good to be able to keep up with the news of David and to see his smiling face day to day. The Wagner family is keeping you in our thoughts and as we crank out buttons every night we enjoy seeing that sweet little face smiling back at us. I just can't imagine what you have all been through and I admire your strength, faith, humor, and love for your David. Keeping you in our prayers! If a visit from some football players would be well received please let me know and I can arrange it in a flash!