Friday, December 23, 2011

Progressive Dinner

Tonight was just a blessing. No cancer talk or need to put on a smiley brave face because blessedly we were with friends. Friends that have been with us through the nightmare and were there when it started in our local ER. Friends that you can just be yourself and they love you anyway.

My three were so excited to have a normal night out with friends. They even agreed to some pictures:) Take 1

Take 2! I have had a few questions about my camera and I use a Nikon D90. I love it and I still have so much to learn on it. It is truly an awesome camera but if I took the time to read and study more about it I bet I could take some awesome pictures. Mr. Professional, Jason, has taken some amazing pictures using my camera:)

Mr. Rock Star ready for a night on the town!

Silly girl copying David's reindeer ears he makes in all pictures! :)

David is really into pictures right now and wants tons of pictures taken in front of the tree. He has realized that if he lets me take his picture then usually he can con me into taking mine with my nice camera! We have had such fun with those crazy glasses from Marion Family Pharmacy:) I so wish that I had taken a picture of Hope's sweet feet but she INSISTED to wear some hand-me-down clogging shoes tonight to the party. I guess the girl realized that we were going to a party and wanted her tap dancing shoes on!

Tonya and Miss Hope in front of Tonya's Snoopy Christmas tree:)

Rock Star certainly had fun at the party. The kid was living the high life with a piece of pizza in one hand and an Ipod in another:)

All the kiddos (Except shy Hope Madeline) in front of the Snoopy tree:)

Tonya gave Mike a cute gag gift and it was so good to see such a big grin on my man. Big belly laughs have been few and far between lately and it was so good to cut up and be silly:)

Kelsey and David:) He loves her and she is such a good friend to him.

We had appetizers and main course at the Osbornes and then we went to the Jonas' for dessert. When we got to the Jonas' the boys all played Wii and and had fun:) David cried when it was time to go, but we did not want to wear him out for Christmas festivities that are starting tomorrow.

The men all laid-back talking and watching sports at the Jonas' house.

We are so blessed to have some good family friends to share life with. They were certainly a blessing tonight and for several hours we forgot about what we still have to face with David's chemo and could just laugh and have fun.

We are ready for Christmas festivities tomorrow:) We have a full day planned including a trip to Radford and church. I have been reading a children's book to the kids called Tonight You are my Baby. It is wonderful and tells the Nativity from Mary's perspective. My favorite line from the book says "Tomorrow you will be my Savior but tonight you are my baby" That gives me such goosebumps to think that Jesus came humbly into this world to two young and not famous parents. He came to give us all peace and Salvation. This weekend as you enjoy Christmas festivities take time to focus on Emmanuel-God with us.

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  1. Our family prays that you guys have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!

    The Wilkersons
    Dean, Theresa, Kelsey & Hannah