Monday, December 5, 2011

Discharge Day!!

For some reason the pictures from today will not upload, but we finally got discharged!! We are so happy and we are so appreciative of the Pendleton family allowing us to use this precious and cozy condo.

We came here to the condo and I literally crashed. The emotions, drama, and exhaustion of the last three weeks caught up to me and I snuggled with the Rock STar and dozed while he rested and watched TV.

Chemo and radiation hit him pretty hard and he did throw up this morning and he slept while I loaded the car. He was pitiful sound asleep in a little red wagon:( I can't tell if it is the chemo or radiation that knocks him out but he has been good this afternoon.

Kyle and Debbie Rhodes visited with us today. I cannot wait to upload the pictures, but Debbie made DAvid a light up Rock Star sign and she made me a special devotional book from David. Precious gifts and hopefully tomorrow I can get the pics uploaded.

I am drained and wiped out tonight. I am so tired that I feel achy and sick. I know I am not sick, but just weary. I am still amazed what has transpired over the last three weeks, but I am so thankful for the wonderful care from UVA and the amazing Grace from the Lord. I miss my other two babies so much tonight and I know it is because we are out of that hospital setting and if I had my other two babes then it would feel quasi-normal here at Camp Pendleton.

Mike just got here a little while ago so we three are snug as a bug tonight. We have four early mornings this week to get to radiation for our appointments. I am just counting the hours until Friday when we will be able to bring Rock Star home!!!

Good night from Camp Pendleton!


  1. Jamie and Joshua PikeDecember 5, 2011 at 9:05 PM

    Hey!!! When I read your WONDERFUL & AWESOME NEWS about DAVID COMING HOME....Joshua said "Post a Comment, Mommy!" Quote from Joshua: "I am so happy that David gets to come home and hopefully come back to school, 'cause all of his friends will be so happy to see him again. :)" We are both so thrilled to hear that God's grace and healing power has sustained you through this part of your nightmare. We know He will continue to lift you up and hold you tight to keep going on this long road. David is such an awesome young man, and MPS eagerly awaits his return!!!! Prayers will continue to be lifted up and we know you are thrilled with your happy news! Rest and enjoy "Camp Pendleton" and SEE YOU SOON!!!! Much love & happy hugs!! Jamie and Joshua Pike

  2. Dear Precious Family-So very glad that you were able to leave the hospital. Praying for you all and sending you love, strength & peace. Wayne & Liz Moreland. Marion, Va.

  3. Love you and praying earnestly for you.