Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rolling out the Red Carpet

What a wonderful yet emotional day. Mike was sweet enough to let me, Hope, and David sleep in and he took Kyle to school. This last trip to the hospital really wiped me out. So the three of us had a lazy morning just playing and doing nothing. It was pure heaven.

Then my Rock Star and princess got a bath and they wanted to put Christmas clothes on! I love this picture so much:) David's hair is REALLY coming out big time, but he is not the least bit bothered by it.

Then after I took a picture of David and Hope, David wanted a picture of "da gurls" and so this is what he got! :)

This picture makes me cry buckets. David's hair is really shedding everywhere so I encouraged him to wear a hat to try to catch it. Well, princess Hope wanted to wear a hat to match Dave so this is how we went out today! Hope has heard us talking about hair and cleaning it up everywhere that she is bringing me some of her "hair" too that is falling out! These two are enjoying each other so much.

Warning about the following pictures-they may make you cry a little:) We had planned to visit David's school today and he was so excited. This is what we saw when we pulled up. His class had literally rolled out some red "carpet" for him and they were all chanting "David David" I sobbed as you can imagine.

I love this school and I love these people and we were welcomed back so warmly. Rock Star loved all the attention of course.

Here he is hugging Mrs. Hubble and this picture makes me cry happy tears too. She then took his hand and the class followed him.

Now I am crying again, but the whole school was lined up in the hall chanting "David David" all the way to the classroom. It was loud, emotional, and so wonderful. Rock Star loved it and this Momma followed behind with big happy tears rolling down my cheeks. What a wonderful place.

Children and staff were literally lined up all the way to the classroom. After a while they stopped chanting David and started chanting "Rock STar Rock Star" and it was so precious.

David, Atlana, and Kelsey in the classroom. That big monkey is from a program called Monkey in my Chair and it just arrived yesterday. When DAvid is unable to attend school, the monkey will sit in his chair until he returns. The monkey comes with a journal and a backpack so students can send David notes and such. It is meant to bridge the gap between home and school when David has to be home. Isn't that cool?

David and Mrs. Hubble-the last time we saw her was in the hospital and it was so nice to see her at school:)

Here is David with Miss Alley and Mrs. Hubble and we love these ladies so much! Can you see Rock Star's big smile? The visit wiped him out, but it was so worth it! He loved seeing all his friends.

David and Miss Alley:)

A class picture! The students were begging David to stay but he was pretty wiped out today so we are going to try a longer visit maybe tomorrow and see how he feels. His blood count says it is okay for him to be out. There will be times that his white blood cell count is low and we will have to keep him in.

For us the balance and the struggle is to make sure that David is reconnecting with friends without wiping him totally out and exposing him to germs. His stamina and energy level are super low right now and even a little visit wipes him out. During times where he is pretty wiped out we will probably just put a note on our door that David is resting and that we are not up to visitors. If you stop by and see that please do not be offended we are just trying to let Rock Star rest up for his next clinic visit.

David and Ms. Clawson! She has been one of the button makers along with Ellen Wagner and we are so appreciative!

The visit today wiped us both out but it was SOOO wonderful to see David back at MPS with his school family. Thank you MPS for making David truly feel like a Rock Star today on your red carpet:)


  1. Such wonderful photos!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    They did bring many tears!

  2. Thank you for sharing these photos. They have really touched my heart. I work in the ER & was there the night David came in. I am so glad to see that little boy's smile. May God continue to bless!

  3. I know you don't know me but I am Atlana's Aunt Kimmi. She told me a couple of weeks to pray for one of the boys in her class. I have been reading your blogs and I just saw the picture of him and Atlana and it brought tears to my eyes. Its such a good picture. May God Bless your family.