Monday, December 5, 2011

Oncolgist Meeting

My head is spinning. David just finished his first radiation of the week-one down, four to go!! His chemo treatment should be here in an hour or so. The oncologist just came by and it appears that after his chemo treatment then we will be discharged! I cannot wait to take Rock Star to the Pendlton's condo and just snuggle and rest. I am so over hospital beds!!

The oncolgoist just blew my mind though. We will be staying here in Cville through Friday to go through all the radiation treatments, but we can come home this weekend!!!!!!!! Praise you Lord Jesus!! The Lord has orchestrated this perfect for Kyle's 10th birthday! I have happy happy tears streaming down my face as I write this. This journey has taken us through such a long, dark, and scary valley that I see a beautiful mountain in front of me and I am so happy. All five Robinsons will be under one roof this weekend to celebrate Kyle's big double digit birthday.

We will have to return Monday at 1:00 for chemo which is an "easier" week of treatment with only the Vanchristine. (I am probably spelling it wrong) and then Monday afternoon we can come home. She then blew my mind and said that Tuesday if he was up to it, then he could start to return to real school on TUESDAY!!! Oh the happy tears that I am crying now at the thought of my David being back in Tena Hubble's room surrounded by his friends, "Colwins", Miss Alley, Mr. Nutter and all the other special people there. During the long scary nights here I have entertained myself by visualizing all the milestones that I cannot wait to meet and walking DAvid back into MPS has been one of them.

I am really bawling now because I know we still have such a long road to endure with chemo, but we are already celebrating small victories like discharge and a possible return to school next week. For this Momma this is huge and I am right now in 7 Central praising our Lord for his faithfulness to our whole family as we have endured the last 18 days of the nightmare. Oh how faithful and merciful our Lord has been to us all and I am just so thankful.

So in about an hour or so I cannot wait to pack up Party Central and move the party to the Pendleton's condo. I cannot wait to snuggle in a real bed and get away from the confines of this place. We have received such outstanding care that it is going to be hard to say goodbye to some special folks here, but we are thrilled to be considered outpatients now. So for the next week the updates from come from the condo, but thank you dear family and friends for your prayers and love. I know we still have a long road in front of us, but checking out of here today is such a victory and we are relishing it here in Party Central.


  1. I am so happy for you and David today! I could
    just feel your happiness and joy in your post today! I know you will be so glad to return to
    your home and I will continue praying for you all. Congrats on your wonderful news!!

  2. Dear Precious Family-Praise God-He is forever faithful to His own! We are elated over your news. Please pass hugs & kisses from one of you to the other for us.You are in our hearts & prayers and have blessed us with your faith. We love you all-Wayne & Liz Moreland. Marion, Va.

  3. Your faith and strength amaze me each and every day. You guys have been our my prayers daily. I am so happy for you guys and know that God's strength has carried you guys through this nightmare. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Isaac was super excited to hear that David may be coming back to his classroom next week! ~ Brandon, Jill, Shaylan and Isaac Eddy