Saturday, December 10, 2011


We are finally home. It was a wonderful homecoming full of family, a few happy tears, and then several visitors. My heart was so full to hear my house full of laughter:) After sitting in the hospital for 19 days and being surrounded by fear this house was wild last night but it made us so happy. Our boy loved seeing a few friends and he was so happy to be home.

This Momma had a quiet ride home since David chose to ride with Pops. It was really therapeutic for me to blast Chris Tomlin and to think. I thought about the nightmare our boy has lived the last 23 days between inpatient and outpatient treatments and how brave he was each step of the way. I thought about how blessed we are to be surrounded by such love, and lastly I just bawled at how faithful the Lord was to us each and every step of the way. As I drove over Afton Mountain the song that came on was "Glory in the Highest" by Chris Tomlin and it just was so fitting. May He always be glorified in this home.

So this weekend Mike and Kyle are in Bristol for the day at a swim meet. I am home with the little ones resting, recuperating, and enjoying sweet time at home. The nightmare has made us both appreciate life so much more.

We have some awesome pictures to download from the last few days plus our sweet homecoming. I will post them later today when I find my camera cord:)

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