Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happenings from Party Central

Today we got fanastic news!! If DAvid has a big poop we can be discharged tomorrow after radiation and chemo and do the rest of our treatments on an outpatient status!! I am so excited that I have already checked out of the RMH and have moved our stuff over to our friend Bonnie and Barry's condo. They have a condo here in Cville that they have graciously let us use this week while we are outpatient. So prayer warriors please pray that David's bowels move (hee hee) and we can be outpatients!!

Other exciting news is that Oma finally found a Beast costume in England and it arrived this weekend! Thanks Oma-we love it so much! He wore it last night and scared all the nurses.

David has really been feeling good and we have played wit all of our new toys! Check out his handwriting:)

So while you are in here your time schedule is off. I was exhausted last night after the emotional day at the walk, but I could not sleep. One of the nurses came in and we started chatting. She then shared that she gets so excited when she is assigned to us because we always have such great praise music. We then had an awesome talk about how we all need the Lord always, but times like this is when we realize we truly cannot live without Him. I love how God has put some amazing nurses and professionals in our path that love Him too. I finally fell asleep around 2 a.m. and some sweet nurse put this bible verse on our dry erase board for me to wake up to. I love it and this is also the verse that Ed Musser shared at the walk yesterday.

So today David is pretty wiped out. Ashley and Jason have been such a blessing to me to sit with David while I check out of the RMH house and move into the condo. He is dragging today but we know that radiaton and chemo wipe you out. He is eating well and drinking good today, but we are waiting on that big bowel movement to get us out of here. Tears welled up today when the oncolgoist mentioned the word discharge this morning during rounds. God continues to sustain us each and everyday here and gives us hope and peace that only can come from Him. There are lots of sick infants on the floor with us now and that is so hard to see and hear day in and day out.

I got permission to take this picture, but here is David on a movie date with our neighbor Haley. We have all fallen in love with her and the girl can certainly rock her cowboy boots. They are from three hours beyond us in SWVA and she is here waiting for a heart. She needs a heart transplant and to be status one on the waiting list and be first she has to be inpatient and on her meds ready to go. They are here indefinitely until cutie girl gets a heart. We love her and she and David play in the hall together. Please pray that a heart becomes available for this cute girl.

So today we are waiting for bowels to move and resting up for chemo and radiation tomorrow. Blessedly he only gets the Vanchristine chemo drug tomorrow which is a lighter treatment. We are facing five early mornings of radiation but we know that God is going to be with us each step. Thanks for the prayers dear friends and hopefully oh so soon we can bring our Rock Star home!!

We pray that we can all come home this weekend when he finishes radiation. We know that from here on out we will be coming up every Monday for chemo, but that is all good. He must take an antibiotic called Bactrum three days a week to ward off the scary, life-threatening pneumonia that can affect children on chemo with suppressed immune systems. We had to hold him down today to get the medicine via nebulizer. It was not pretty but I felt okay to hold him down for that treatment. We can hold him down for twenty minute treatment once a month to keep a life-threatening pneumonia at bay. Pray for David's immune system once we become outpatient.

That is the update from Party Central. Thanks for the love and prayers and we hope to be home soon:)


  1. Dear Precious Family=you have lifted my spirits today with your news. WE ARE PRAYING!! Also praying for David's play mate to get her new heart, She looks like a beautiful little angel pie!! We Love you all, Wayne & Liz Moreland, Marion, Va.

  2. Love the costume. Charlie and I remember the many days and nights we spent at UVA. Our daughter had her first open heart surgery there. We met some really amazing people. Amanda was always in a room with a child taking chemo because the cardiologist didn't want her exposed to other illnesses. Many nights there wasn't a dry eye in our room, but we needed each other.
    I read your blog daily and know the roller coaster ride you have been on. Praying daily for strenght and comfort. LOL-praying for David to poop. Little things do mean a lot!! God Bless
    Tammy Doane
    CMS teacher