Thursday, December 1, 2011

Radiation #1

So radiation started today. It still boggles my mind that for the next week we will have to load up in an ambulance every morning at 7 ish and head across the street for a treatment. Truly bizarre, but I am thankful for the wonderful care we are receving at the Emily Couric Cancer Center.

I believe that the sedation is harder on him than the actual radiation. It is hard to come out of sedation without being grumpy and I think that is the hard part to watch. He did throw up one time coming out of the radiation treatment room, but he has been fine this afternoon.

Due to a sweet family we know, we received a catered lunch here in our room today and David actually ate it!!!! Pastor Jonathan was here and he ate well for him. I think at this point David is soooo tired of me and Mike. We are in his face all day demanding he eat, drink, pee, or poop and he is over us. Jonathan was a novelty today and he helped David eat a great lunch of spaghetti and grapes.

David was a little zombie right after radiation, but this afternoon he is silly, spunky, and off to school here at the hospital. It is amazing what he has been through this week and he still has his spunk and a smile. This child is truly my hero and I am such a proud Momma.

We enjoyed Jonathan's visit and as always we had a good theological talk. We love catching up on news from home and I am so excited to see pictures from the walk this weekend. The love that you all are sending here is overwhelming us (in a good way) and we are so thankful for all the prayers and love. We may not get to respond to texts, fb messages, and emails, but we do read everyone of them and they make us smile.

Mr. Rock Star is off to school right now doing some addition on the Ipad. We have really had an easy day today considering we started radiation. The nurses want him to start a mouth wash to help with mouth sores caused by chemo and frankly I am dreading that. David does not get the concept of swish and spit and he is petrified of those swabs on a stick. The little things like that and changing his port dressings are very stressful to him. Since he is under sedation each morning we try to take care of stressful things like port dressings and removing tape while he is under. They are so awesome here about decreasing David's stress during this nightmare. God has put some amazing professionals in our life here and we are so thankful.

I will post pictures later tonight with an evening update. Today has amazingly been easy and uneventful. We are still fighting the eating and drinking battle, but we are going to win so he will not need a feeding tube. Thank you dear famiy and friends for reading my daily dissertations and keeping our Rock Star in your prayers.

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