Saturday, December 3, 2011


Words cannot express the love we felt today at the Thomas Musser Mr. Strong walk! Yesterday morning my Mom called me and said that she and my Dad would come and sit with David so we could go home to go to the walk. At first I said no because I did not want to leave my boy, but everyone encouraged me to go and so off we went. Our dear friend, Cathy Timmons came and sat with DAvid until GG and Pops could get here to take over. It was brutal leaving him just for a night, but it was so good to get some fresh air. David did awesome while we were gone and tonight I am already back here at UVA.

We so felt the love and it was WONDERFUL to see so many wonderful friends and get so many hugs. Smyth County family you all have stood in the gap for us! To see so many people there today sporting their Team David shirts blew my mind. I bawled good tears as we were overwhelmed with hugs and love. Here I am with Suzanne and Tonya. Love these ladies!

Kyle was so excited to run the 5K and he did it in under 34 minutes with my friend Tonya!! Kyle asked me some tough questions on our 15 minute ride to the walk. The walk is for Thomas Musser who passed away last October due to cancer. Kyle was suppose to start the race with Thomas' sweet brothers. On the way to the race Kyle asked me why Thomas isn't starting the race if it is for him. I then reminded him how we prayed for that family and that Thomas is now with Jesus.

He was silent for a minute or two. I then went on to say that we are a family that believes in God's Will and that we want David to stay here with us forever but that sometimes God calls us home to be with him. I told him that the doctors tell us that there is a great chance that David is going to be fine, but he has a long road to go in terms of treatment. I always want to be honest with Kyle so I tried so hard to tread lightly with this conversation. My Kyle then blew me away and said "So Mom if David does have to die then he will go to heaven and be with Jesus right?" I answered yes and then immediately Kyle said "I don't want him to go there but Jesus will take good care of him if he ever has to go."

That was probably the hardest conversation EVER but I know that God was with me and gave me the words to be honest with my Kyle but upbeat. Kyle is such an amazing kid and the faith that he showed today blew this Momma's mind.

This is one amazing kid that showed grace and faith today:) He had such fun running with Tonya and I am so proud of how he is handling this nightmare in our family life.

Here is Thomas' Dad, Ed giving an amazing speech before the run. He and his wife Lisa are amazing role models for us. I just cried in Lisa's arms when I first got to the run and said "you know, you know" because they know the nightmare we are living. They have been such amazing faith role models to us all and it was an honor to be with them today. I hope to talk to Lisa more in the days ahead because she knows Momma to Momma how awful this nightmare is and has such experience to share with us. Mike and I were so appreciative that they allowed Team David to participate in a run to honor their son.

Here is Kyle with Thomas' twin brothers, and Colby Sprouse who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Kyle was super excited to blow that air horn:)

Kyle blew the horn and off he ran with Tonya. I am still impressed they did it in 34 minutes!

Here is a glimpse of Team David. My friend Lynn who brainstormed the whole idea said that of the 500 shirts purchased, seven remained after the race. Thank you so much to all those that walked with us whether in body or spirt and purchased a shirt. Mike and I are so appreciative of all the support that you all have shown for Team David. We both cried happy tears today seeing all the Team David shirts:)

Family picture in the wind:) Sure wish our David was with us! Mike was so sweet and kept asking me if I was okay during the walk. He knew how hard it would be on me and heaven knows he is the one that is always so composed:)

Here is my friend Tracey and their twin boys that ran the preschool race. Tracey has been such an awesome friend to me and has texted me several times a day while we have been here. She is such a wonderful friend:)

Here are Addyson and Sophie running in the preschool race. These girls are Hope's friends from church. Hope was so shy that she would not get off of my hip to run.

Tonya and Hope. Tonya grabbed Hope and ran the preschool race with her:)

Jason and AShley ran the race!! I was so impressed:) These two are David's heroes and we are so thankful for all that they do!

It was so hard for us to be away for a night from our boy, but it was so good to have a quiet night at home with Kyle and Hope and then it was wonderful to see everyone at the race. It was emotional and hard in a good way:)

So tonight this is what we know:

That we were blown away at the love that our Smyth County family showed us today. You all have surrounded us with your love and prayers and Mike and I are so appreciative.Our Rock Star is a loved little boy:)

That Jesus has been with us every moment of everyday. He got me through that hard conversation with Kyle and he sustained us this whole day. Jesus is the great Comforter and Mike and I can both attest to the strength that we have from Him.

That we have some amazing friends that feel more like family to us.

We know that Rock Star has a rough week ahead with five radiation treatments and one chemo treatment this week. We know that God will be with us each step of the way and we take comfort in his comforting Words. We are clinging to 2 Cor 12:9 "But he said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ's power may rest on me"

We are weak, scared, and tired parents. We are boasting of the strength and power of our Lord who continues to sustain us here in Party Central.

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  1. Laura, a verse I read this week offers encouragement: "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." James 1:12

    Lisa Marshall