Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Normal" Weekend

We have certainly enjoyed our family weekend. It has been so wonderful to be in our own home and watching the children enjoy each other. This nightmare has been so hard on us, but I know it has been hard on the kiddos as well.

This weekend we tried to do "normal" things and enjoy this time of year. One of my sweet preschool families sent us a popcorn ball decorating kit and we had fun doing that. It was so much fun to do something normal like that:)
David provided music from his Ipod for our decorating festivities and we had such fun. Hope has grown up so much and I am devastated that she can now say her D's. A dress is just a "dress" now and no longer a "fress"

All three babes at one table is such a wonderful sight to his Momma:)

This little silly goose had fun making his popcorn ball but we could not get him to eat any of the candy:) His appetite has been good this weekend and we have been pleased at his drinking.

We love this handsome 10 year old!!!

Our little popcorn family:) such a cute family project.

This weekend Kyle had a swim meet in Bristol. Mike took him yesterday and I took him today. This morning I really did not want to get up and go but I am so glad I did. It was hard to leave David and I am having a hard time being out facing people. Mike is doing much better with it and has made several trips to Walmart. I think I am going to be a bear and hibernate for the winter:)

For some reason this weekend the cancer word has hit me hard and draped around me like a wet blanket. I have just wanted to stay close at home, but Mike encouraged me to get out and go cheer on Kyle. Once again Mike was right and I really had a good morning out cheering on our LASO team. Kyle had a great meet and actually won first place in his age group!!

My boy doing the butterfly! I guess for a long time it will be so weird to be out doing normal stuff when our world has changed so dramatically. Cancer is so sneaky and creeps into your entire world. Kyle had a wonderful 200 freestyle swim this morning and after he finished in first I picked up my phone to call and tell Mike. Mike had already texted me to call him ASAP. When I called home Mike told me that David's hair is starting to fall out in chunks.

At first it did not hit me that hard because my thought is that if the chemo is attacking the fast growing cells like hair, then it must be going after that cancer!!

Then I got home and saw the baby fine clumps coming out myself and it just is a physical reminder that our DAvid is fighting a huge Goliath. The only way I can wrap my head around this whole nightmare is to remember that David is going to be healed.

We certainly hope and pray that David is healed on this Earth here with us, but if that is not the plan for David then he will be healed in heaven with Jesus. That idea may be hard for some to wrap their heads around, but we are so thankful for our Jesus. Jesus makes the idea of our baby having cancer tolerable. He loves our boy even more than we do and whether in heaven or on Earth David will be cancer-free one day:)

We get so many emails about our strong faith. We are weak but our Jesus is strong. We have only gotten through the last three weeks of the nightmare because of Jesus and the peace that He has given us each step of the way. I know he will be with us in that outpatient clinic tomorrow where that port will be reaccessed, and I know that he will be with us today as we comb baby fine hair out of David's sweet head. He never leaves us and in our weakness He is made strong.

Tomorrow is another big day. We are heading to Cville for our first outpatient cancer treatment. I dread it so much because that port will have to be accessed, but each treatment that he receives means one step closer to remission!!

Life will get more normal eventually but we are such proud parents of all three of our kiddos:) Here is Kyle receiving his trophy for first place for boys 9/10 age group today!!

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  1. Today at church during the sermon I had to grab a pencil and jot down some of what pastor Tim shared with us, so that I could share it now with you. It was all about David. Here are my random notes: DAVID WAS A MAN AFTER GOD'S HEART.THE CHOSEN ONE. CALLED TO SHEPHERD HIS PEOPLE AND SERVE WITH A TRUE HEART. DAVID WAS THE PROTOTYPE OF THE MESSIAH, ALMOST LIKE THE MESSIAH.What a big job for a little shepherd. But God knew he could do it. He never asks anyone to do something they are not able to do.I know your faith has been your stronghold, but your faith has also helped many of us to strengthen our own faith.THANK YOU BOTH.