Saturday, December 10, 2011

Warm Welcome

I can barely look at these pictures without tearing up with happy tears. Every night in the hospital I would dream about bringing David home:)

Our local cheerleaders made these adorable signs for our garage and they greeted us when we pulled in! David loved them:)

He was so excited he pulled his shirt up to show off his battle scars! His incision is healing nicely and those blue marks are from the radiation. We are hoping they fade over time, but he has had two baths and they are not fading yet:) That is all right, they are just a reminder for me to pray that all that radiation got rid of any stray cancer cells in his abdomen.

My Mom, Hope, and two great grandmothers waiting to welcome him in the house. We stopped by school and picked up Kyle a little early so he too could be part of the homecoming.

David went right for Hope, his best friend. I love seeing her smile! It broke my heart how much she had grown while we were gone.

Debbie Rhodes made this adorable light up Rock Star sign for him and we put it on the tree. She brought it to us in Charlottesville and we all love it! David is truly our Rock Star:)

These boys had a happy happy reunion:)

David was so generous with his kisses! He even gave Kyle a big smacker on the cheek!!:) We tried so hard to balance the joy between DAvid's homecoming and Kyle's 10th birthday. At some point I want to do a whole post on the fact that we have been parents for ten years now?! How is that possible?

We have one little tree in the sunroom and here is a framed picture from the Hokie Bird of all the cheerleaders. In lieu of the visit that never panned out, The Hokie Bird sent David a blanket, a shirt, and this framed picture of all the cheerleaders.

This is Pop's momma and the boys. Both of my grandmothers have been prayer warriors for David. My other grandma was here all week helping GG. We could not have made it through the last three weeks without help from family and friends:)

This board from the walk is set up right as you walk in our house. David and Hope are obsessed with it, and spend lots of time in front of it looking at the pictures:) If you look in the background you will see David's bed. While we were in UVA, Ashley and Jason moved David's bed down to our master bedroom so he can be close to us. He is loving it of course!!

This picture melts my heart. Originally Friday night we were going to have a small family homecoming party for David and a birthday party for Kyle. As the day went on it got bigger and bigger and Mike invited Jeff to come by to see David. David heard that Jeff and Cathy were coming, and sat at the door waiting on them! Jeff, David certainly loves you!

How happy is this girl that her BFF, David is home? Of course David is also rocking his rock star guitar shirt. We thought they had lost it at the hospital and Friday just before leaving town, I got a call that it had been found. When I went down in the basement of UVA hospital and saw how wild, big, and chaotic that laundry room was I was amazed that David's tiny little shirt was found. Then I smiled and remembered that God cares about the details of our lives and his hand was involved in finding that shirt that meant so much to David:)

My three happy babes all under one roof:) This pictures melts our hearts because they have not all been in this house together since The Nightmare started. Praise be to God!

We of course celebrated David's homecoming, but this cute and amazing kid had a double digit birthday that we needed to celebrate! Kyle Bradley Robinson you are an amazing child who has shown grace, patience, and compassion during the last three weeks. We are so proud to be your parents and cannot wait to see what God has in store for you. Stick close to Jesus baby boy-we love you!

Uncle Chad, Net Net, Clayton, and Hunter came down for the party and it was good to see them:)

This picture of David surrounded by some cute girls makes us smile. David is a social butterfly and we know he has missed his friends at school. The next few months are going to be such a balancing act of letting David be David and live a normal life, but without putting him in danger due to germs. The threat of pneumonia is real and scary and we have no choice but to be germ freaks!

This is such an awesome picture of Ashley, Jason, and David. David is such a blessed blessed boy to have these two in his life. He also has a mischevious expression on his face that we love to see!! I love this picture so much!!!!!

Several good friends that feel like family stopped by and here are my boys with the Osborne kiddos. We have realized through this whole nightmare that we are truly blessed people to have so many friends that feel like family in our life. The love and prayers of our family, friends, and community have meant so much to us.

Speaking of our community we wish that we could share some of the emails and such that we have received. So many emails have started with "you don't know me but" and those mean so much to us. We hate that we are going through this nightmare, but we just pray that God can use this nightmare to glorify Him. Please take our nightmare and use it to grow closer to the Lord. He has been so faithful to us and His word promises that He will be faithful to you as well. We could write a book on the "God moments" we have encountered during this three week nightmare. He has walked every step of the way with us.

We realized that when we pulled into town, a convenience store, Reedy's, had put on their sign, Welcome home David! That meant so much to us all and David made me take him by it again today to see it:) He is truly a Rock Star if his name is on a sign! Ha! Thank you to the folks there for doing that.

We have spent this weekend soaking up family time and unpacking our car and bags. Sadly we have to head back to UVA Monday for a chemo treatment. I frankly dread it because they will have to access his port-a-cath and I know that will be traumatic for us all. Each week they will have to do that. The port was wonderful in the hospital because it remained accessed, but they deaccessed it for the weekend. I know I really should not stress; however, because God will be there with us Monday:)

Thanks Smyth County for a wonderful welcome home. It was so nice to return our Rock Star to the community that has showered us with such love and prayers. Due to germs we will be very limited where we take him, but we do have a special visit planned for Wednesday after lunch at 12:15 with his friends at MPS! I could bawl thinking about walking my Rock Star back into his school:) Mike has worked hard at arranging the school situation and we are optimistic that he will get to attend again soon. He has certainly missed it:)

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  1. Dr. and Mrs. Robinson,
    I am a principal at a medium size elementary/middle school. I have two students who have finished chemo and radiation. Both have returned to school and remain cancer free but still have to be extremely careful about germs. It is important that both have lots of water, so their parents send bottle water to school for them to drink. They send the small bottles because after it is open for a some time, germs can grow. This has helped both children from getting sick. Also the two rooms that these children in are given special care when the custodians clean at night. One of the student's immune system is relatively back to normal but the other child still has some time before the immune system will return to normal. The reason I mentioned the bottle water is the doctor didn't tell the second child's parents and they sent the child to school without water. The school provided water until we could talk to the parents because drinking from a fountain is not good for someone with a low immune system.
    This is just information I felt like sharing with you. Please do not post this. I am continuing to pray for David and your family.