Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Summary From Daddy

We have had a good weekend in the Robinson Camp. We had a busy but family focused weekend. On Saturday, we worked on getting ready for the commercial side of Christmas. We spent time organizing and wrapping gifts. When we got home from the 4 weeks in Charlottesville, we were a little worried that we had not done very much Christmas shopping. When we started organizing we were pleasantly surprised to find that we were in good shape in our gift buying. Still had lots of wrapping to do.

For Kyle's birthday, we had promised him to try and get tickets to a VT basketball game. Thanks to Pops and other family members Laura was able to get some tickets and took Kyle and some friends to the game on Saturday. Kyle was excited because not only did VT win but he got all but one of the players autographs after the game.

David has had a good weekend. He has eaten and drank much better this weekend than last. We are hopeful that we can avoid another overnight at UVA hospital. His stomach has been upset some this weekend. Overall, he has had a fun weekend and been very busy around the house. You can tell his stamina is not great because after a burst of busyness he gets tired and wants to rest. As I write this he is watching "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" His favorite way to rest is to watch a movie or to play our favorite music on You Tube.

Hope has enjoyed having David to play with all weekend. The toy of choice this weekend was a large empty box which they have played in and with all weekend. Why do we need iPads or Xboxes when we can just get them a couple of large boxes? She has played so hard that she crashed early on Saturday and Sunday nights.

David and I are off to Charlottesville in the morning. David has started to associate Charlottesville with an unpleasant experience and gets upset when we ask him if he is ready to go (at this point we just have stopped talking about it around him). He still has some of his hair but there is not much left. He also is extremely skinny and gets cold easily.

Laura has some fun pictures that she will download tomorrow. I am taking David this week to give Laura a break. She will do the majority of the trips to UVA, so I am taking a turn tomorrow. I pray our day is uneventful. He will have a double dose of chemo with Vincristine and doxorubicin so we are worried that this will be a hard chemo week. Doxorubicin has the potential to have some unpleasant side effects.

Laura will post some good pictures of some of the fun the kids have had this weekend. We are so thankful for so much love and prayers from you all. Laura braved church today and though it was hard on her, it was good for her to get out and worship.

Laura will update tomorrow afternoon with a clinic update. Please pray for a easy clinic tomorrow and that David will tolerate the double dose of chemo well. He is so skinny that we are worried about calorie intake at this points. Thanks friends and family for the love.

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