Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today I have been humbled with a dose of perspective. Before the nightmare happened, I always dreaded the morning rush of getting kiddos up, ready and off to school with clean teeth and a full belly. When I would walk into preschool around 8 a.m. I always felt like the hardest part of my day was behind me.

This morning as I got both of my boys ready for school I smiled as I realized that this morning I RELISHED getting two boys ready and to school on time. Nineteen days of inpatient hospitalization will give you a dose of perspective really quickly. I would much rather have the morning rush here than 6 a.m. blood draws and morning doctor rounds in the hospital where you just hold your breath that they are not coming in with more bad news.

So, this morning I got Rock Star and Kyle ready for school. Since his visit yesterday went so well then we decided to let him go this morning for an hour or so. I took him at 8:30 and he stayed until 10. I think he had a good time but it definitely wiped him out:) Thank you MPS for being so flexible and wonderful. I could still cry thinking about that welcome yesterday.

So besides school we are also catching up on "Christmas stuff" around here. In the hospital I was so sad that I was missing doing all the festive things for this time of year. So, we are baking, decorating, and putting gifts together at lightning speed around here.

We made some thumbprint cookies:)
This picture melts my heart because this is a typical morning here with the boys playing Ipods before school and David sipping out of his Rock Star VT cup that the Dimits made for him.

This picture shows how thin David's hair is getting but look how darn cute my little cookie baker helpers are.

We love spontaneous kisses around here!

So my words of wisdom for all you Mommy's out there is to relish every moment. Even those crazy mornings where you are yelling to "brush teeth" and to "get movin!" In the hospital for all those days I dreamed of taking David back to school and I was such a proud Momma walking our boy back to school today. We are so proud of him.

Today I ventured out a little to several local places and frankly it was very hard for me. Mike is way better at this than I am. I am always so close to tears that it does not take much for me to turn on the tears. I am usually not crying sad tears, but happy tears. We are just so grateful for the love from our community and the unfailing Love of our Lord. He has been so merciful to us that we are still singing "Our God is greater, Our God is stronger" around here.

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  1. Dear Sweet Precious Family-Sending love & prayers to you all. Rock Star is such a handsome guy that he will be most handsome with no hair!! So glad he got to visit his school. I love the monkey idea. Wonderful to see all of the pictures. You never cease to amaze me! Your notes are always such an inspiration. Praying for God's special blessings! We love you-Wayne & Liz Moreland, Marion, Va.