Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rock Star

So far today you would never know that Rock Star had a double dose of chemo yesterday. He slept in until a little after 8 and then when he woke up here he is on the phone with Ashley.

He has tons of energy today and has yet to be really sick. Here are my two youngest ones having a cinnmon roll picnic in his bed. We are finding things that he will eat and those things are full of calories.

Then he felt so good that we got baths and went to David's class to visit during the Christmas party. He got tired before the actual party, but he had fun seeing his friends and teachers. It was so cute to see Monkey in his seat when we got there:) Monkey goes everywhere with the class while David is absent.

Here is David with two very special ladies, Miss Alley and Mrs. Hubble. Don't they look festive and cute? I love his big grin. He was a little bit rotten and would only hug the boys at school and would NOT give a hug to any of the girls! Not even these special ladies. Ha!

He would not hug Kelsey because she was a girl, but he did want his picture with her. She is not only our neighbor, but one of the sweetest girls ever. She is his protector and friend.

David with some of the boys in his class. He would not take his coat off because he was cold, but he had such fun seeing his friends.

As we were leaving, David wanted to find his friend Ally and get a picture with her! He was really a busy social butterfly around that school today. MPS is such a special place and I can tell that Rock Star loves going there. David and Ally have been friends since preschool.

After our big visit to the school, we came home and Clayton came for a visit. Chad had some business in the area and brought Clayton by to hang with us while he worked. David insisted that we all put these glasses on and get in front of the tree for pictures. Cuties under this tree!

Then me, Hope, and Clayton! Clayton is also a first grader and he lives in Vinton with my brother, SIL Annette, and brother Hunter.

I have had such fun with these cuties today. Mike and I are blown away at David's lack of sickness and energy level today. You would NEVER know that the boy had a rough chemo regimene yesterday. Each day we are noticing that his stamina gets better and better. He is such a brave Rock Star.

It is now officially Christmas break for the kiddos and this Momma is ready for some home time with my cuties. This year is so different but more magical because we get this year very clearly what is important. It really comes down to that sweet babe in the manager named Jesus, family, and some amazing friends that feel like family:) Enjoy the family and friends in your life this year and do not forget to spend some time focusing on that sweet babe in the manager that came to give us all Hope.

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