Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Morning Update

Good morning from Party Central. We have already had radiation treatment #2 this morning. I am so thankful he is first on the schedule each day so he does not have to go without food. He was still asleep at 6:45 when they came to get him. It makes an early morning for me and Mike, but for David's comfort we are thrilled. Radiation only takes about 20 minutes and frankly it takes longer to wake him up than the actual treatment. We love the nurse over there and we know we are in good hands.

A kidney doctor just came and consulted with us. Our oncologist asked for a consult from him due to a slightly elevated Creatinine level in Rock Star's one good kidney. It is not crazy high, but they want him on board to make sure he can tolerate the chemo meds over the long haul. We were kind of worried when he came in to introduce himself because he first said that he was now involved due to concern from the oncologist. You do not want your oncologist to be concerned about anything, but he then went on to say that he is happy to consult but he is not concerned about DAvid's kidney because it looks good on ultrasound and his Creatinine is not crazy high. Shew-that one got our heart pumping a little bit:)

So we are resting and ready for a weekend off of treatment. Mike is heading home for a few days to spend some time with Kyle and go walk for Team David in the Thomas Musser walk!!!! He is excited and David will not have any treatments this weekend. His oncologist just took him off of IV fluids to see if he can drink enough to make them feel good about him possibly getting discharged. They really want him drinking enough and peeing enough to keep that Creatinine level at a good place. We are all worn out here and a restful, no treatment weekend sounds heavenly considering Monday he will have both chemo and radiation and then radiation each day after that.

I do not doubt Rock Star's ability to endure all the treatments schedule for next week, but we as parents worry about all this. But David is truly amazing and he will handle it with the strength and grace he has shown us so far. We could all take a lesson from David on how to handle adversity. He amazes us each and everyday. We are such proud parents.

We appreciate all the continued prayers and love. We have had some amazing visitors this week who have encouraged us. We are keeping the faith here and clinging to our Jesus. Watching Mike tenderly scoop David and move him from bed to stretcher each morning makes me tear up each day. All the nurses have commented how gracefully Mike has handled this situation. Mike is the sponge that soaks up all the information and he has taken on lots of the details about DAvid's continued care when we get discharged. He has done a better job than me of keeping up with friends from home. I get so emotional to talk to anyone still:)

We are ready for the weekend of rest and relaxation:)


  1. Jesus give you guys strength and hope and peace.

  2. Cant wait to support Team David this morning! Eli says "Hi, David!" We miss you at basketball practice! Amy, Mack and Eli Houck

  3. Dear Precious Family-You faith & Rock Star's grace is such an inspiration to us, you are an amazing family & have taught me so much through your updates about loving life and living every second hanging onto God's hand! We are praying & loving you! Wayne & Liz Moreland-Marion, Va.