Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Clinic Clarifications

Good morning from Camp Robinson! I had a few emails and messages asking about the clinic visit so I will clarify. I am also adding some cute pictures from Christmas Day with Belle and the Beast:)

The scan on January 6th is scheduled for 10 a.m. They would like to not sedate him because when you are sedated machines help you breathe which means that your lungs are not opening and closing normally. If he is sedated and David has "help" breathing while sedated there is a good chance that they could not see 100% of his lung surface and we would always be worried that something was missed. I understand completely the medical reasoning behind not sedating him, but CT scans are super stressful for him. We are hoping he can hold the Ipad above his head and play Angry Birds and not be so stressed:) The last CT scan was a complete and total nightmare, so we will see.
Our oncologist, Dr. Alisanski (whom we love and trust) feels that we will get the results that day. We will still visit clinic at 1 to receive chemo and she thinks that maybe the results will not come back quite that fast, but later in the afternoon. Thankfully it HAS to be read that day because if we have to switch to the harder regimene which includes radiation, then that will start the following Monday and she will have to scramble Friday afternoon to get the radiation oncologist (Dr. Schneider the previous one we worked with at the Emily Couric Cancer Center) on board and ready for Monday.
Oh how I love these two Disney characters! Hope Madeline adores her Belle costume and I do not even mind all the darn glitter that comes off of it everytime she wears it:) David of course is in heaven in his Beast costume!
David wore his costume for a while Christmas Day and made everyone act out the parts! I always get to be Mrs. Potts which makes me happy! Here is the Beast "dead" before he comes to life as a prince! David has watched the movie so much that he can accurately play this scene! It is hilarious to watch! Ha!
Poor Pops always has to be Gaston, and he is a good enough sport to play dead when the Beast finally kills him at the end of the movie!

Yesterday while Mike and David checked in at clinic, I went to 7 Central to check on Haley. I was so praying that she would be in the PICU recovering from her surgery because a heart had come available during the holidays, but sadly she is still on the floor waiting for her heart. The exciting news is that the local news station did a story on her Christmas Day and Christy, her Mom, is hoping that God can use that news story to help bring Haley a heart. We picked out a cute outfit for her at Crazy 8 and I also bought Hope Madeline the same one so I will think of Haley when Hope wears it:) It was nice to catch up with Miss Haley and Christy and I assured her that we, as well as our friends were praying for her. This was week 11 that they have been in the hospital waiting on a heart. God love them. Nineteen days of inpatient just about did me in, so I cannot imagine 77 days and counting with no end in sight.

Today is catch up day around messy Camp Robinson. Christmas has exploded in every room in this house, so I am trying to catch up here in case we do have to return as inpatients on January 9th. I am also excited to head to preschool to get plans rolling for the new year. I have missed my little preschoolers so much:)

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