Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

We have certainly enjoyed our magical, yet scaled-back Christmas. The weather has been so warm and nice:) Christmas Eve day we headed to Radford for Christmas at GG and Pops with my extended family.

My kiddos were agreeable to pictures under the tree before we headed out and amazingly Rock Star has felt well this week. We are so thankful that David has felt well enough this week to enjoy some low-key festivities.

My three Christmas babies!!

Hope insisted to have her hair "bwaided" for Christmas and with her hair back I cannot believe how much she and Kyle look alike! Wow!

My and my two youngest. David put a full day in Christmas Eve with family activities and church. He is truly a Rock Star!

We had lunch with my extended family and here is my grandmother and Hope. They have become big buddies since she has been there so much while we were in the hospital. Mimi is such a sweet playmate for Hope.

My big girl playing Ipod!

We had a new addition to our family this year! My brother's family just got a new Yorkiepoo puppy named Bella. We all loved on her and snuggled her.

The ladies of the family: GG, Hope, and Mimi. Hope was getting ready to open her Belle dress!!

The shoes that match her Belle gown-they actually light up!

Our pretty girl enjoying the sunshine in Radford. We stayed in Radford a few hours until it was time to head home for church.

After church Ashley and Jason met us at our house to exchange presents. We are so appreciative of all that they do for us:)

Christmas morning got started a little later than usual in our house as Rock Star was worn out from church Christmas eve. We have never left our home on Christmas Day and we are so thankful. We just chill out at home and let the kids play with their new toys. My parents and grandmother usually come visit us which is so nice.

Kyle wanted a Titleist hat and he got it!! Our family also received an Ipad from Santa!! We are so excited and we have fought over it all day. It will be so nice for chemo and trips to Cville this year.

Kyle schooling his younger siblings on the Ipad. He is such a great, parient big brother:)

My parents and grandmother arrived mid-morning and we made a big breakfast. It was so yummy and we have just had a wonderful family day together. No where we have to be today, just time to be together and enjoy the day.

This year we were just so thankful that David has felt well enough to have most of our usual festivities. Christmas Eve was low key with church and focusing on the reason for the Season. Christmas Eve worshiping our Lord with all five of us together was such a blessing. I really did not get as emotional as I thought because amazingly the fear of what we still have to face was put aside as thankfulness filled my heart. As we were singing "Glory in the Highest" last night I was just so thankful for:

We are just so thankful that Jesus came in that manger so long ago to give us all Peace, Hope, and Salvation.

We are so thankful that we have friends and family to celebrate the season with.

We are so thankful that David's hard surgery is behind us and all the tumors are gone. (Please continue to pray that the lung lesions will be gone on January 6th).

We are so thankful for the outpouring of love from our friends and family.

We are so thankful for that sweet baby that came to be the SAvior of the World. That baby that we celebrate today is the same one that has held our hands and wiped our tears through this nightmare. He will continue to be with us as we journey on through chemo. He knows how scared we are and whispers reassurances in our ears each day and fills our hearts with Peace.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours. May we never forget that the same baby we sing Happy Birthday to today is the same SAvior that desperately wants a close relationship with us all.

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