Monday, December 12, 2011

Update on the Rockstar

After a very eventful weekend, reality set back in today. Today David went to his weekly chemo in Charlottesville. Here are the facts as Laura has relayed them to me today.

  • He has lost a little weight over the last week.

  • He was dehydrated.

  • He has some bowel movement issues (I hope that is okay to say here but the guest blogger just says it the way it is)

  • He was nauseated prior to his appointment in the waiting room.

  • Coloring was not great.

  • Blood pressure was good.

  • Blood work was good.

  • Was healthy enough to get his chemo.

With all of this going on, the doctor admitted him to the hospital for overnight observation. He is on an IV and is still having some bowel issues. The doctor believes the bowel issues are part of his recovery from seven days of radiation. We are hopeful that he will be doing well enough on Tuesday to come home. We will probably know more mid-day on Tuesday.

We have amazing healthcare folks working with him and we are thankful to be in such good hands at UVA. But the greatest hands that are working with David are from the Great Physician who is working through these great doctors and nurses. Please keep the Rockstar in your prayers as this journey is not a sprint but a marathon.

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  1. You are getting quite good at this Michael. Watch out Laura!